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Do rainy days ever just kill your mood? Here’s 11 things to do on a rainy day… 


Put your cute apron on and try baking a new dessert that you’ve been dying to eat. Grab some friends or family to make it even more fun. There’s nothing quite like having flour all over your body!   

Make a Bucket List

Actually write down all those crazy adventures you want to do. Maybe even research some of them and start making plans to accomplish them. Life is so short, so enjoy it by doing the things you want to do!

Brew Some Tea & Read a Book

Brew your favorite tea and snuggle up on the couch with a good book. Maybe try that book you’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time. Or maybe reread your favorite book—you can never read the same book too many times. 

Go Get a Mani Pedi

Treat Yo Self… why? Well, because why not. You’ve been working your butt off and you deserve some relaxation time. 

Put Your Rain Boots on & Jump in Some Puddles 

Remember how much fun it was to run around splashing in the rain without a care in the world? Find your inner child and go have a blast. I guarantee you will find the biggest smile on your face.  

Learn Something New

What’s something you’ve always wish you knew how to do? Do it. Now is the perfect time to dedicate yourself to a new skill. Go amaze your friends and family with your new hidden talent.  

Game Night

Grab your friends and have an intense game night. Make tournament brackets out of ping pong or card games and award the winner a prize. Bring out Monopoly if you dare.  


Blare your favorite tunes and start cleaning. Start with your room and see what random things you find along the way. There could be some hidden treasures that you’ve almost forgotten about!

Call Your Mom or Grandma 

You know they would LOVE to hear from you. Sit down and take the time to call one of them. It will make their day.   

Do Laundry 

I know you have a pile of dirty clothes in the corner of your room. This is the day to do your laundry, so put your laundry day clothes on and get moving.

Go to the Movies 

Butter up your popcorn and see the latest movie you’ve been wanting to see. You’ll be so engaged in the movie that you’ll have forgotten it was even raining!

Don’t let the rain ruin your day. Do some of the things on this list and go make the best of it! 


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Riley Wester

Notre Dame '21

Student Athlete at the University of Notre Dame Major: Information Technology Management Minor: Science, Technology & Values
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