What Basketball Season is Like When You Hate Basketball

January, it comes around every year and means something different to us all. One thing we can agree on, is that it's not exactly toasty. Especially here in the Bend. 

For some of us it's the end of fooball season... and pretty much life as we know it.

But for others, it's the beginning of another season of #sportball...Basketball Season. Which, for some of us, is less than exciting. 

For the first few months of the season, you can fake interest with the best of em.

And even escape the awkward subject for a week. #SpringBreak

But sooner or later you have to admit it...

You totally hate basketball.

Some people won't get it.

And you'll probably have to answer some mundane questions.

No, it's not because I'm a girl.

No, it's not because I "don't understand the rules."


It's just boring. 

No, please, for the love of God, don't try to "teach" me to love it.

You're really just brave because we all know there's a lot of bandwagon fans. 

Your hatred for basketball might strain a few relationships

And you'll have to make a few tough choices. 

Like suffering through a game-watch or sitting at home, alone all weekend, during the Final Four.

Even if you hate the game, you might fill out a bracket just for a shot at all the wild prizes people hand out.

Your strategy will probably be slightly unconventional.

Don't listen to the haters who tell you you can't pick your winner based on "cuteness of mascot." Do you. Anything can happen.

Try to have fun as best you can.

With a little luck, we'll all get through this together. 

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