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The Very Best of Twitter

Dystopian YA Novel @DystopianYA

As much as we all love trilogies with love triangles set in dystopian futures, no one can deny that they have a lot of similarities. This pokes fun at those tropes and even follows a sort of storyline if you read from the beginning.

Best Tweets:

“I’m glad that even in the wilderness of the otherlands I’m able to shave my armpits and maintain my eyebrows.”

“My sister Harpa played with her hair. In a lot of ways, she reminds me of a metaphor for my childhood innocence.”

“I have gangly limbs and a feminine form just beginning to take shape. I’m not beautiful, but my green eyes are nice.”

Woman Against Feminism @NoToFeminism

Because sometimes you just need to laugh at the ridiculous reasons people come up with for not being feminists. And to see their creative new mispellings of “feminism.”

Best Tweets:

“I don’t need femims I don’t want my men to be FEMINIZED!!! once my husband recognized the color pink so I made him chop down seven trees.”

“I don’t need feminism I can’t wait to send my daughters to college!! to get a Bachelor of Trying to Avoid Being Sexually Assaulted on Campus”

“I don’t need femisis they are all so uptight and angry!! They should chill out like the grown men sending death threats over video games”

Guy In Your MFA @GuyInYourMFA

You don’t have to be a Masters of Fine Arts student to know this guy who takes himself too seriously. He’s an offshoot of the hipster, but somehow even more pretentious.

Best Tweets:

“I’m on tinder just for meaningless hookups that I can later turn into uncomfortably detailed workshop stories.”

“My depression exists mainly over the fact that my novels even exist in the same aesthetic universe as reality tv shows.”

“Have I mentioned that the rain is a symbol for baptism?”

The Worst Muse @WorstMuse

Whether or not you’re an aspiring writer, this account’s satire of popular literature through writing tips and advice are bound to strike you with inspiration.

Best Tweets:

“You’re right. The world DOES need another novel about an aging English professor’s affair with a nubile young co-ed.”

“Existential crises of the extremely wealthy.”

“Your protagonist is just a little too perfect? Maybe consider making her adorably clumsy and in need of frequent rescue.”

Night Vale podcast @NightValeRadio

First of all, if you’re not listening to “Welcome to Night Vale,” you should be. But even if you’re not, this account alternates between surrealy hilarious, existential-crisis inducing, and legitimately good advice.

Best Tweets:

“When a person dies and no one will miss them, the mourning is assigned to a random human. This is why you sometimes just feel sad.”

“Please take precautions before a bad storm, such as crying or staring bleakly out the window obsessively thinking about worst case scenarios.”

“Death is only the end if you assume the story is about you.”

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