The Very Best BBC Live Lounge Covers

The BBC live lounge is what dreams are made of. Artists from all over the globe come to the BBC to put together epic covers of other popular songs. Did you know Bastille liked Miley Cyrus? Jared Leto loves Rihanna? Me either. And there's so many. So here's a totally biased list of the best they have to offer.

10.  Kelly Clarkson covering "B***h Better Have My Money"

The fact that Kelly Clarckson knows all the words to this song brings me so much joy. Nevermind that she managed to put together this sassy cover that reminds us just how good her voice is. Much love to queen Kelly. Very proud to have to have kept my phone lines busy voting for you back in '04. 

9. Rhodes covering Love Me Like You Do (Originally performed by Ellie Goulding)

The real unsung heroes (see what I did there?) of the Live Lounge covers are the bands backing up the vocalist. Rhodes' cover of Love Me Like You Do is a great example of that. So yeah, he's got a great voice. Not surprised. What surprised me? The celloist/back-up singer. This cover is great in its own right, but the band gives it its life. 

8. George Ezra covering Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Originally performed by Cyndi Lauper)

George Ezra could sing me a take-out menu and I'd be in heaven, but nevertheless I really love this cover. Firstly because it's a classic and has been covered countless times before and somehow he makes it feel new. And secondly because you learn so much about George Ezra's style without losing the spirit of the song, which is what I love about covers in general. Plus George Ezra's a babe, but I warned you I was biased.

7. Taylor Swift covering Rip Tide (originally performed by Vance Joy)

Sometimes I forget that Taylor Swift is a legitimately talented performer. So much of this performance lies in her theatricality. Taylor Swift performs with 100% committment. Her performances are emotional experiences and that makes it impossible to brush her aside.

6. Frances covering What Do You Mean (Originally performed by Justin Bieber)

Frances is an amazing vocalist. That's really the only thing you need to know going into this performance. She strips down this Bieber songs until you almost can't recognize it. And, no offense to the Biebs, but I like her version better. 

5. James Bay covering Four Five Seconds (Originally performed by Paul McCartney, Rihanna, and Kanye West)

James Bay's voice makes me so happy. This one's another version of how production comepletely changes a song's vibe. I think it also highlights how well written Four, Five Seconds is. 

4. Hozier covering Problem (Originally performed by Ariana Grande)

I straight up didn't recognize this as an Ariana Grande song when I heard this cover. It's just a completely different (maybe way better?) version. No offense to Ariana, but sometimes her talented is drowned out by all the poppy over-production. That's not a problem in the Live Lounge. And it's so good.   

3. Sam Smith covering Fast Car (Originally performed by Tracy Chapman)

Do I have to explain? It's Sam Smith, of course it's good.  

2. 30 Seconds To Mars covering Stay (Originally performed by Rihanna)

We get it, Jared. You're perfect. You're an oscar-winner and sometimes you sing when you feel like it. You haven't aged since 1993 and you somehow make long hippy hair look cool. Of course your Rihanna cover is epic. I'd expect nothing less. 

1. Bastille covering We Can't Stop (Originally performed by Miley Cyrus)

This came out in the middle of the new Miley revolution and it was great. Not only a great performance but an epic mash-up of Miley's hit with her dad's. It's cheeky, it's fun, and it's  well done. 

Honorable Mention: Ed Sheeran covering Trap Queen (Originally performed by Fetty Wap)

Ed Sheeran seems to have a genuine love for other songwiters and does some of the best covers ever, across every genre. It's hard to chose which cover is best when he's done so many so well. You're perfect Ed, don't ever change. Mostly he didn't make the list because the Trap Queen cover wasn't made in the Live Lounge. But you should still hear it (Special shoutout to the girl on the bus who said trap music wasn't real music! Think again, friend.).

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