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Times We Could Relate to Spongebob Squarepants During Finals

Feeling like you just can’t power through this week of finals? Well if you remember, Spongebob Squarepants once fell victim to the intensity of grueling Boating School exams as well. Here are a few times when we could totally relate to that cute little sponge during finals week.

You Start Going Crazy

You have to admit, after the seventh time going through your notes, you’re starting to talk to yourself. You thought your friend was next to you, but you’re just hearing voices. Great. You’re now a headcase and you still haven’t gotten past the first paragraph of that essay that’s due tomorrow.

They Tell You That It’s Impossible… Until It’s Done

5 exams, 3 papers, an oral presentation, and you still haven’t started studying for any of them? Don’t sweat it. Just kick it into MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE.

You Have Absolutely No Motivation to Study

The weather is so gorgeous outside and all you want to do is sit in a hammock and forget all of your troubles. You could start on your paper but you decide to take a 2-hour nap instead. It’s fine, you’re fine.

You Run Out of Time

Reading days have passed and you look up to find that your first exam is tomorrow. Well, here goes nothing.

Procrastinating Becomes Second Nature

Studying for finals often turns into bingeing your favorite Netflix series for hours on end. You mark one thing off your checklist and decide to reward yourself with food or a nap. We all do it.

You Pull All-Nighters Every Night

Bloodshot eyes? Messy ponytail? About to fall asleep? Just buy yourself another cup of coffee. That’ll be your fifth one of the day.

You Are Completely Brain Dead When They’re All Done

Once you’re all done, it’s finally summer! Good for you! If only you could function like a normal human being instead of a zombie, life would be fine…

Hope you all have an amazing summer!!!!


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