Surviving South Bend Spring

Spring fashion is a tricky business. While the warm weather may immediately inspire you to break out your cutest new pair of flats and floral skirt, there are some caveats to the transition out of your winter wardrobe.  

Let’s be honest with ourselves: “Spring” in South Bend merely means that temperatures might rise above freezing during the day. Don’t be too eager to jump right into Spring Style, because you may freeze those untanned legs of yours right off.

However, with the right mix of form and function, the daughters of Notre Dame can become springtime fashionistas without sacrifice. Here are some crucial style tips for surviving the South Bend Spring:

1.  Don't toss out your winter gear just yet!

If you broke the bank this Spring Break on one too many margaritas, then this tip is critical! When you step out of your dorm for your 9:30 a.m., I can guarantee that while the sun may be out, the air will still be cold.

Your best bet is to take one of your pretty winter sweaters and accessorize it with a fun pop of spring color. That way your clothes can still incorporate the colors of spring while maintaining the warmth of winter wear.

By reusing pieces of your winter wardrobe, you don’t have to shell out as much cash for an entirely new spring look. You also stay warm when the weather flip flops between hot and cold all spring!

2.  Hold down your skirt, Marilyn Monroe.

Ladies, let me tell you something: When you wear your backpack and a shirt and walk, the backpack slides back and forth and hitches up the skirt in the back. Furthermore, when you get trapped in the wind tunnel that is South Quad, your skirt can go flying up with the slightest breeze.


Sadly, in the past two weeks I’ve seen my fair share of undies hanging out. Let’s keep our lady parts a secret and make sure when you walk around campus in a skirt, you grab it in your hand and keep it held securely down!

Even better--use the rules of middle school dress codes and make sure your skirt touches the bottom of your fingertips when you let your arms fall to your sides.

Light, flowing skirts may seem like a good idea, but the answer, my friend, is NOT blowing in the wind but rather keeping your skirt firmly in place. Check out a skirt like this one from J. Crew that has a more tapered bottom. However, if you really love the flowing skirt look, wear spandex or bike shorts underneath.

3.  Spice up the bag.

There’s a 90% chance that if you’re a girl at Notre Dame, you have one of these:

In order to spice up your bag for spring, nothing is more simple that tying a scarf around the handle. BOOM. Transformation. You didn’t even have to spend another $145 to get it in another color!

4.  Add a blazer!

I really like blazers. Always have. To me, they instantly dress up an outfit, yet still somehow manage to keep things casual. If you’re rolling out of bed in the morning and are having trouble deciding what to wear, there’s nothing better than tossing on a blazer and then getting compliments left and right. 

Blazers are also a great example of style and function. Making the transition between the chilly outdoors and blazing hot DeBartolo classrooms calls for a style that is versatile. Your blazer can function as a light jacket, and then be taken off when class gets little too stuffy and warm.

With just a few tweaks here and there, surviving the South Bend Spring becomes an easy endeavor! The changing nature of spring days at Notre Dame is difficult to dress for, but not impossible. Remember to use good judgment and prepare for the elements so your spring look can be both trendy and practical!


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