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Sundresses are always a good call. A cute sundress never goes out of style and they are so easy to just throw on and go. There is a sundress for every occasion, so keep your eye out for cute steals–like these.

1.  Summer Job


Dressing for work is sometimes difficult. Making sure your outfit is completely appropriate, yet still cute and fun can be stressful. In the winter it’s easy to throw on nice pants and a top, but in the summer you have to be more conscious. This sundress is the perfect style you should be looking for when shopping for work styles. It is lightweight, an appropriate length, and covers your shoulders. You will feel cool while also looking professional and summery. 

2.  Class

If you are in need of a sundress for class this summer, 1.  I am so sorry, and 2.  Good for you for putting in the effort. We all have those days when we wake up and suddenly want to look cute for class. Now, or even in August when we are all back on campus, sundresses can be a go to option for these days. However, you want to stick to the tighter fitting dresses as opposed to a flowing skirt because wind is a real and it will blow your dress up, even on the hottest days. I am a big fan of the more t-shirt-like dresses. They are easy to throw on with a cool belt or fun jewelry!

3.  Summer BBQ

Maxis are always fun to play around with in the summer. Summer dinners, picnics, BBQs, etc., are generally with friends and family so you want to make sure to not go too over the top with your sundresses. A maxi is perfect for these kinds of occasions because they are comfy, but can still be cute with a lower cut, spaghetti straps, or an open back. With so many styles of maxis they are a great option for a fun summer night. 

4.  Night Out on the Town

When going out with your friends in the summer, you don’t want to think too glitzy, over the top, or tiny. A sundress similar to this one is perfect. It shows a little skin, but also looks mature and stylish. Also, stick to brighter colors so you can show off your tan to all of your friends!

5. Pool/Beach Day

A great cover-up can be hard to find. Even with pants and shorts being super in as cover-up options, I will always be a fan of the more tunic style, which looks good on everyone. Tunic cover-ups come in awesome designs and patterns and are loose for hot days at the pool or beach.  

Whatever you wear this summer, whether it be a long maxi, or a mini-dress, enjoy the weather and remember to have fun!


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