Studyblrs: An Academic Way of Procrastination

We’ve reached that time of the year again. It’s one of the most stressful ordeals of any college career, complete with tears, late nights and extra large bowls of ice cream from the dining hall. It’s exam week.  Starting in mid-September, there are occasional weeks when your academic world seems to crash down around you as your brain is slammed with exam after exam. Every waking moment of these weeks are consumed with constant studying and review sessions. These weeks always leave me wondering if there isn’t a better/easier/faster way to study, or at least organize myself. Thankfully, there are many many sources for study inspiration just a few clicks away.

When I hear the word Tumblr, my first thoughts are of artsy hipster quotes or the endless pits of scifi fandoms. But I recently discovered a completely different side of the popular website: Studyblrs. Studyblrs serve as a sort of idea board of the academic nature, combining the hipsteresque photos with a flashcard fandom.

Studyblrs are mostly comprised of gorgeous pics of incredible study spaces, organized to perfection with a perfectly placed hot cup of coffee. Besides showing off incredible dedication to cleanliness, these photos are superbly lit and genuinely fun to look at. So if you need a little inspiration to get your desk organized or just like to marvel at the beauty of a perfect study space, a good studyblr is the place to look. Fair warning though, don’t spend too much time waiting for the exact lighting to start your own studying!

Organized notes that are color-coded with full diagrams and nice handwriting are something to strive for. A study completed by Michael Tipper, a consultant on mind-mapping, discussed the importance of color in correlation with remembrance. When we take notes using different colors to correspond with different topics, we activate the creative side of our brain while also visually separating different themes. So those gorgeous notes posted on studyblrs are actually good resources.

Similarly. the notes found on studyblrs are always handwritten, a seemingly old fashioned practice that actually promotes an important aspect of good study habits.  An study published in Scientific American discussed how the content of handwritten notes is usually more helpful then those notes that are typed, because you filter out less important information in favor of the key aspects. So break out those Sharpie Pens and take pretty and study-smart notes this semester.

So, are Studyblrs helpful or just another level of procrastination?

While I can’t encourage skipping valuable study time for Tumblr browsing because it is a black hole that will devour your whole day, definitely check out some studyblrs the next time you have a minute. And although organizational habits definitely help with studying, it might not be wise to spend excessive amounts of time getting your space picture ready or adding decorations to your notes to make them more visually appealing. Whether you decide to change your study habits or stick to what works, get inspired and get busy!



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