Spring Must-Dos

  1. Enjoy the warm weather while you can

  2. Check out the view of the Dome from between new leaves on the trees up ND Ave

  3. Take breaks from furiously writing final papers

  4. String a hammock between some trees and take a nap

  5. Dramatically instagram some small flowers

  6. Start a paper more than 24 hours before its due

  7. Explore the steam tunnels

  8. Do, like, a reading for class

  9. Leave campus and go to that thing called South Bend

  10. Smuggle Nutella (or anything) out of the dining hall

  11. Serve as a vigilante lifeguard during the Fisher Regatta

  12. Swim to the bottom of the lake to find the submerged statue of Father Hesburgh

  13. Train the swans at the lake to play trumpet

  14. Actually meet someone from Carroll

  15. Go to Feve...oh wait...


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