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Seven Reasons Why You Need To Apply To HCND!

The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words.” – William H. Gass

Her Campus Notre Dame has been my outlet for writing about the things that I’m passionate about in my own world. It’s honestly my weekly therapy from the stress of schoolwork and other extracurricular activities. It’s the one day a week when I can sit down and do what I like to do! The girls are some of the coolest on campus, and I’m not just saying that either. It’s really incredible that such a diverse group of individuals can come together and form a sisterhood in the way that we have.

We all come from such different backgrounds, and yet, our monthly meetings are filled with laughter, love, story telling, and support. My writing skills have also improved tremendously, and my lovely editor Megan always tells me what I do well and what I need to improve on.  I’ve grown intellectually, my leadership skills have been improved, and I’m finally doing something that I enjoy.  Joining Her Campus Notre Dame was honestly life changing because it completely introduced me to a new interest that I didn’t even know I had before, and I’m completely grateful for my experiences thus far. I could honestly sit here all day and talk about HCND, but there are seven other team members that would like to tell you about their incredible experiences!   

Rebecca Rogalski ‘16: FTT, Business-Economics, Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy (Editor-in-Chief/Campus Correspondent)

“Joining HCND is by far one of the greatest decisions I have made since transferring to Notre Dame my sophomore year. As someone who is passionate about writing and pursuing a career in journalism, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to become a part of the HCND team, and since then, HCND has given me way more than just a writing outlet. Throughout my time with HCND, I’ve gained leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and various organizational skills that are so necessary for any profession. I’ve learned how to create professional, reputable, and engaging content, all while building up a strong writing portfolio. Overall, the experience you get at HCND is truly valuable, and I encourage any one and every one to join our team.” 

Natalie Mayer ‘18: Business, Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy (Chief of Operations)

“I joined HCND the summer before my freshman year and I can honestly say that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Over the summer, I was able to meet other incoming freshmen who shared the same interests as me for writing before I even got to campus, and when I started school, I already had friends there because of our summer writing. I was able to reach out to the upperclassmen writers for advice for planning for my freshman year. Sara Spittler (former Editor-in-chief) helped me out a lot since she had lived in the dorm I was assigned to, Pasquerilla West. She even met with me the first week of school to give me some general advice about dorm life and getting involved on campus. This is just one of the many examples of how HCND members look out for each other and we truly treat each other like family.”

Abbey Murphy ‘16: Arts and Letters Pre-Health, Sociology

“One year ago I would not have imagined myself writing for any sort of publication, but after doing some blogging for a summer internship, I realized I actually enjoyed writing! I intended to keep writing on my own once my internship was over, but didn’t really keep my promise to myself. I joined HCND at the beginning of the second semester to ensure that I would get myself writing on a weekly basis. Writing for HCND allows me to learn more and write about topics that I love. Even if you don’t think you like writing or wouldn’t know what to write about, give it a shot! The team can help you come up with ideas if you are stuck and writing will get easier and more enjoyable as you get more comfortable with it.”

 Gabriela Malespin ‘17: Program of Liberal Studies and Political Science

“Joining HCND freshman year was one of the best decisions I ever made at ND! HCND is unique because it provides a format for young women to express their ideas and share their opinions on virtually anything, from politics to gender to fashion to fun listicles! Writing for HCND has given me the opportunity to explore new topics, write about events and ideas I’m passionate about, and meet new writers! I would seriously encourage anyone to join HCND, Its been an enjoyable experience!”

Claire Solomon ’18: Psychology, Journalism, Ethics, and Democracy

“I joined HCND during my spring semester of my freshman year. I was finally starting to get a hang of the classes, campus life, and my workload when I realized how much I missed writing. I was also involved with the school magazine, but I wanted to write about things that pertained to my life and things I loved to talk about. I had read HCND articles off and on since coming to campus, and I loved reading the interesting new content that was always being posted, so I thought, “Why not?” It was an amazing decision because every week (or bi-weekly if you so choose) I get to write articles that I care about for my friends, family, and – most importantly – other ND students like me! It’s a great study break and helps get my creative juices flowing enough that I’ve found it actually helps me complete my other work! Anyway, joining HCND was an amazing decision that I’ve made and it’s helped my writing tremendously!”

Megan Valley ’18: The Program of Liberal Studies, Journalism, Ethics and Democracy, Business Economics

“My high school didn’t have a paper or a magazine, but I always wanted to write. I was scared when I first joined HCND, because I didn’t have as much experience as a lot of the girls did; I quickly got over that. All of the girls are super great and supportive – even if you don’t know them personally, they’ll still share your articles. There’s so much freedom to pursue what you’re interested in writing about. Writing for HCND is a great opportunity to improve your writing and connect with other girls who share your interests, whatever they may be.”

Erin Rose Howard ’18: Business Management and English

“As an incoming freshman, I was incredibly nervous about attending Notre Dame. So, throughout the entire summer I foundi myself searching and searching for websites and information that could prepare me for my new college experience. That is when I found HCND. This wonderful website connected me to the Notre Dame community before I had even traveled to campus and quelled many of my great fears. So, in starting my freshman year, I decided to become more involved in HCND. Writing has always been one of my passions and HCND is the perfect outlet for aspiring writiers, and also those who just have a voice that needs to be heard. HCND is a strong and supportive community that is filled with fun and outgoing girls that always made me feel welcome and at home. Joining HCND was one of the best decisions of my freshman year and I encourage all those who are interested in writing to pursue their passion and become part of the family that is HCND.” 

Did these testimonials inspire you to join?  Well. we want YOU to apply today.  The HCND application is now open! For more information contact Rebecca Rogalski at rrogalsk@nd.edu or Katrina Linden at klinden1@nd.edu.


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