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“Serial” is Our New Favorite Thing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

I don’t know about you guys, but I will read anything with “shocking exposé,” “juicy details,” or “tell-all interview” in the description. I can’t describe what I love so much about these lurid stories, but I suppose it is the same part of me that loves gossip. In the case of the podcast Serial, it is the juicy, lurid, and incredibly well-investigated details that have me hooked. Listening to this podcast is like sitting with a cup of tea and listening to your grandpa tell insanely detailed war stories combined with watching a whole season of Criminal Minds in one sitting. 

For those of you who don’t know, Serial is a podcast that chronicles one woman’s investigation into a crime that took place in 1999 and it is the absolute s***. 

I started getting into Serial when my best friend told me about it over Thanksgiving Break and we considered starting our own podcast called “Cereal” which would garner a lot of hits for people mistakenly looking for the popular murder podcast. In our version, we would talk about our favorite cereals. Riveting, right? Anyway, on the sojourn back from break, I started listening to the popular podcast and I fell in love. 

You know what people love? Intrigue. You know what Serial is all about? G*****n intrigue. It is so intense. You begin by thinking a man has been wrongfully imprisoned for 15 years and by following the threads of the case and you want to know every detail. And Sarah Koenig, the narrator and main investigative reporter, gives you every detail. Everything. Each episode is at least 30 minutes and there are already 10 episodes.

I am so obsessed with it I cannot even deal, and I’m not the only one. 

Here are some of the reactions I had while listening to the podcast: 

1.  Surprise 

Holy crap, he did it, he had to!

2.  Fascination 

Don’t bother me, I’m listening to this

3.  Frustration 


4.  Intrigue 

Oh s***, this is scandalous.

5.  Recognition 

Ugh, this is so great.

6.  Realization

I have to WAIT for the next episode? AH!

I am serious as a heart attack, go listen to Serial right now. 

If you want to listen, download it from the “Podcast” app (it’s number one in all of the charts, obvi) or you can go to serialpodcast.org and listen to all of the episodes. You will not be sorry. 


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