Schnitt Talk: We Are All Ellie Schnitt

Whenever we think of Barstool Sports, we essentially think of drinking and some embarrassing (but hilarious) videos that come with it. Barstool Sports’ Instagram account is flooded with shirtless college-age guys making a lot of drunken mistakes. That is the content what they are most famous for, and it is definitely an entertaining subject matter. Recently, though, Barstool has expanded its content to reach larger audiences outside of their typical audience. One of these expansions includes the creation of the weekly podcast Schnitt Talk, given by Barstool employee Ellie Schnitt. Though you may question whatever female advice is given by such a fraternity-like organization, I highly recommend that you listen to Schnitt Talk. 

Ellie Schnitt, host and namesake of this podcast, is a twenty-something woman living in New York City living a pretty relatable life and giving great commentary on it. Though her job at Barstool is definitely something unique, she is still a woman trying to navigate the balance of work, life and love, but she just happens to explain it all in a nationally-broadcasted podcast. 

Ellie Schnitt is special in that she is not afraid to say what everyone else is thinking. Her topics are typically pretty light-hearted, such as how to approach certain topics with guys, but it’s always comforting to know that there is a woman out there answering the questions we are all afraid to ask. Each of her podcasts has at least one different topic, and most of the time she has, in addition to her usual co-host, a special guest to give an additional perspective on the matter (when this special guest is a male, things get interesting). Ellie covers everything about interacting with (and keeping) guys, how to build your confidence and plenty of other matters that will help you live your best life. Ellie Schnitt is not afraid to talk about her feelings, her therapy sessions or really anything about herself. She is the kind yet blunt commentator we need for the millennial world and is absolutely worth a listen. 

Every day Ellie has many people tweet back at her about how relatable she is, how funny she is and how much they needed to hear what she said. It seems as if Ellie can read our minds or somehow has a camera looking at our daily lives. While I wish my life were cool enough for Ellie Schnitt to pay attention, I think her podcast is so well done because she is so true to herself, making her seem like she is just one of us. Though I have not personally listened to every single Schnitt Talk podcast out there, I am a big fan of the ones I have heard. I am also one of her thousands of Twitter followers, and every day I go on Twitter hoping for more of her hilarious content that, luckily for us, she puts out multiple times a day. 

Whether you want to live through her or already live like her, Ellie Schnitt is the best older sister with the most helpful and quirkiest advice you’ve ever had, and I highly recommend her podcast and/or giving her a follow on Twitter. You will not regret it.

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