A Review of Fall Break as Told by Kimmy Schmidt

Another fall break has come and gone with mixed feelings. The Netflix original series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt captures some of the signature events of any week back home, complete with those awkard interactions with the parents and the utter joy of returning to Home-Sweet-Dome. 

First, you have some damage control to do after you sleepily roll off the plane/bus/car/train after an incredibly long midterms week.

You have to convince them that you are absolutely fine. 

One of your first trips back home is to your old high school, and you have to act like you don't miss it a little bit...

And they say they can't wait to experience the independence of college life (with great privelege comes great responsibility, young grasshopper). 

Still, you can't wait to show off your school pride through the many, many, many dome pics on your camera roll.

Let's face it, our school is just way too photogenic.

You even deal with the confusion over Notre Dame's location with newfound satisfaction.

Around the middle of the week, you start to get a little frustrated at having to constantly moniter your language...

And with your parents trying to get you to be productive with: "Why don't you start your homework, honey?"

AND when their love seems a bit smothering and all you want is a little bit of independence.

But you secretly love having them take care of you.

Except for that one comment about your weight gain.

Over the weekend you might have visited a nearby college and had the chance to spread a little bit of ND culture by playing "Mr. Brightside".

Maybe you went on a little fall fashion shopping spree only to look at your bank account afterwards.

Finally, you can barely contain yourself when you see the dome again.

Welcome back to campus! XOXOX HCND


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