Remembering To Be Grateful

Thanksgiving has never been a big deal at my house. Sure, a turkey is made and the table is set, but once my grandparents passed, Thanksgiving seemed to hold less significance for the rest of the family.

Currently, I’m sitting at the gate waiting for my flight to Providence to board, but I am clueless as to what my plans actually are for the holiday. While I've become comfortable with the idea of not having extravagant plans for this break, I'm not comfortable with the recent ignorance towards the meaning of the holiday—especially because I have so much to be thankful for.

In an attempt to come into this holiday “more prepared,” this article is going to be more or less a running list of things I am grateful for, things I love or things that play a significant part in my life (at home and at Notre Dame).

  1. 1.   Having a Family to Come Home to

    Ever since boarding school, the time I spent at home was limited to holidays and spring breaks. Therefore, I have gradually become more and more aware of how much of a gift the time I spend with my family truly is. I do my best to fit the extra movie night in, cooking in the kitchen, etc., because the time I spend with my family seems to become less and less as I grow older.

  2. 2. Cavanaugh Hall

    My home away from home for the past year and a half. Not only do I live here but Cavanaugh is home for several of my best friends and mentors. Cavanaugh has not only given me my best friends, but the opportunity to share memories with them each and every day.

  3. 3. My Sister

    Maegan Moriarty: often confused as my twin, has been my best friend for 19 years. She is the best role model I could ask for, but also supports me in (most of) my crazy antics. I knew at a young age that she was someone I would be eternally grateful for.

  4. 4. Coffee

     A simple, yet large part of my life.

  5. 5.  Modern Technology

    Being far from home wouldn't be nearly as easy for me to handle if Facetime, phone calls and texting did not exist. For most of my life, my family considered me a homebody, so the idea of moving halfway across the country for college seemed a little much and I didn’t blame them. However, we all learned that this was much easier due to the technology we have today.

  6. 6. Falling Asleep to a Thunderstorm

    Summer Camp is where I learned I absolutely loved thunderstorms. Despite everything, there is something soothing about allowing the chaos to happen and not impact you.

  7. 7. New Hampshire

    The state which, in my opinion, won the lottery. I was fortunate enough to attend high school here and definitely plan on spending some time in my future here. Not only is there the forest, but also the beach and then the mountains—everything you could need and want.

  8. 8. Outdoor Concerts in the Summer

     Arguably the best time to go.

  9. 9. The University Counseling Center

    While on a visit with some friends at a very well-respected university, we somehow got onto the topic of mental health. I was shocked to hear that this particular university holds protocol for a maximum of seven sessions with a therapist before they then require you to be referred somewhere else in the city. I suddenly became even more thankful for the UCC at Notre Dame and their willingness to meet with you as frequently (or infrequently) as you need. Many students at Notre Dame love to give St. Liam’s a bad reputation, but in comparison to most universities, we are in stellar hands.  

  10. 10. Spotify

    My love for Spotify began my freshman year of high school, where my first playlist was approximately 400 songs long. Since then, I have become almost a bit too prideful in my carefully curated playlists to accompany any mood I may be in.

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