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Red Carpet Fashion Review: Golden Globes Edition

As any award show lover knows, these fabulous events are an all-night affair. The award show itself is full of recognition of achievements and heartfelt acceptance speeches. Yet, there is a very important event that takes place before the award show even begins: the red carpet.

As celebrities gather to exchange greetings and pose for photos, they have the chance to share with the world their choice of ensemble for the evening. Those that attended this year’s Golden Globes Awards sported a wide variety of unique styles, ranging from elaborate gowns to sophisticated pantsuits. The following are some of my red carpet favorites from the 2015 Golden Globes, as well as a review of the ensembles of some of my favorite celebrities.

Amy Adams

Amy Adams looked sophisticated as ever in this pastel Versace gown, and the style of her hair along with her subtle choice of jewelry complement the dress perfectly. However, I felt that the color of the dress gave her somewhat of a washed-out look, and I wish that she had gone with a slightly brighter or more colorful dress. Yet, the style of the gown is very unique and flattering, and certainly left her looking red carpet ready.

Emily Blunt

Of this year’s red carpet dresses, Emily Blunt’s was definitely one of my favorites. The criss-cross shape of the front of the dress is bold but not too revealing. Cut-outs in a red carpet dress can sometimes be a bit too scandalous, but Emily Blunt certainly maintains an air of grace and class in this fabulous Michael Kors gown. Her side-braids and stunning floral earrings perfectly complement her white Grecian-style dress, successfully rounding off this red carpet look.

Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley is one of my all-time favorite actresses, but unfortunately this was not one of my favorite gowns. I am not a huge fan of the butterfly print, and the shape of this Chanel gown is not particularly flattering for her. The material and style of the dress seem too casual for the red carpet, and it does not give off the same sense of award show elegance as many of the other gowns. Overall, I felt that this was not her best red carpet look.

Kerry Washington

Olivia Pope is one of my favorite fictional TV show characters, so I was sorely disappointed by Kerry Washington’s Golden Globes red carpet look. I am not a big fan of the metallic shimmer of this Mary Katrantzou gown, and I felt that her hairstyle did not complement the dress very well. As a whole, this dress was not one of my favorites.


I was overjoyed when I found out that Lorde was nominated for a Golden Globes award, and she certainly looked stunning in this Narcisco Rodriguez pantsuit. However, I wish that she had branched out of her comfort zone a bit more, as the all-black outfit and generally lackluster shape of the suit were not particularly flattering on her. Also, I think that the natural curl of her hair would have been a much better look for her than the slicked back ponytail that she chose. Yet despite this, Lorde still looked fabulous for her red carpet appearance.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon looked nothing short of stunning in this sparkling Calvin Klein gown. Her glamorous yet simple hairstyle and classic jewelry pieces truly pull the outfit together. She looks effortlessly elegant in this classy ensemble, and this was definitely one of my favorite Golden Globes red carpet looks.


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