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Recipe for a Rainy (and/or Snowy) Day

I’m from the Northeast, so the adjustment to South Bend weather has definitely been easier for me than for others (shoutout to my friends from Texas, Georgia, Hawaii, California… you get the picture). That being said, no matter where you’re from, everyone at Notre Dame has to deal with rain and snow in the Bend. Here are some great ways to make the most of grey days and chilly precipitation:


Get Starbucks and DH comfort food

I’m pretty much always looking for a way to rationalize getting Starbucks or comfort food, and bad weather is a great reason. Swing by Starbucks in LaFun between classes for a hot drink or snack—my current favorite is the peppermint hot chocolate—or one of the dining halls for some mac and cheese (your odds of securing the mac are much better at South… one of the only things South has going for it), grilled cheese or another DH delicacy.

Take a nap

I’m currently working on taking more regular naps because I find it hard to work them into my schedule in general, but rain and snow definitely make it easier! In your spare time, head back to your room for twenty to thirty minutes of shut-eye in a sea of blankets and pillows—I’m not too far from that scenario myself as I write this in my cozy bed.

Go to McWell

I loved McWell before I started working there, but now that I’m their Outreach and Programming Assistant, I am truly never going to stop plugging it. Apologies in advance (but I’m not that sorry because McWell is one of my favorite places on campus and this insightful article by a fellow HCND writer hits all the reasons why)! No matter the weather, McWell is a great resource; but when it’s raining or snowing it somehow becomes even more inviting. Swing by The Hub for a quick snack or reserve a restorative space to sleep or study. Located on the second floor of St. Liam Hall, McWell can and will be an asset to your rainy day relaxation!

Listen to music and watch movies

There’s nothing like your favorite music or a good movie to accent a rainy or snowy day. Listen to some music or curl up in a common room or section lounge with your favorite flick.

There are several great ways to make a day warm and cozy even when the weather isn’t the greatest, and these are only a few examples. Best of luck to us all bracing the cold ahead; at least we’re in it together!


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Callie Whelan

Notre Dame '23

Callie is a first-year International Economics/French major and Computing & Digital Technologies minor at Notre Dame originally from Ridgefield, Connecticut. In her limited free time, Callie loves to paint, draw, read, force herself to work out, and spend time with friends and family. She loves mac and cheese, pastel colors, mocking both sides of the political aisle, John Mulaney, and proper grammar.
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