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If you are not familiar with this chant/intro song, allow me to introduce you to Jackie Aina. Aina is a beauty guru and influencer with over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and nearly 1.5 million followers on Instagram. 

Jackie Aina has been creating content on YouTube for nearly a decade and has been a staunch supporter of inclusivity in makeup. From foundation shade ranges to lipstick swatches, Aina has been outspoken for the importance of making sure all makeup lovers are well represented. 

Auntie Jackie does not just tell brands over a tweet how they can improve their product; she is actually in these important meetings and helping formulate new products. Jackie Aina has worked with Benefit Cosmetics and TooFaced, where she helped extend their foundation line, but her most recent project is receiving a lot of buzz. 

Released on August 6th was a collaboration between Jackie Aina and Anastasia Beverly Hills in which they created a gorgeous 14-shade eyeshadow palette. The palette retails for $45 and it initially sold out on its release. I was lucky enough to acquire this palette, and I adore it.

I had been familiar with Anastasia Beverly Hills before this collaboration as they are known for their high-quality eyebrow products but I had never really delved into the palettes. The main reason being that I did not believe the shades would should up on my skin tone. The predecessors of the Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills palette were all very beautiful, but from the reviews and swatches that I had seen, the shades did not look consistent across all shade ranges. 

My favorite shade has to be “Zamn”; it’s a rose gold shimmer shade that is extra enough but not too much. I don’t always want to use a plain gold as my shimmer shade, and “Zamn” gives me the extra pop that I need.

The Jackie Aina palette is a breath of fresh air, in terms of palettes released by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Other than the quality of the eyeshadows, the versatility of this palette is what truly piqued my interest. You can create nearly any look, whether it be a neutral look for class or a bold and colorful one for a night out, and the possibilities are endless. 

Even if you are a beginner when it comes to makeup, the eyeshadows are quite easy to blend out. If you are looking for your first more bold eyeshadow palette I would highly recommend the Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills palette.


In comparison to other makeup palettes I own, the Jackie Aina x Anastasia Beverly Hills palette is more than just makeup to me. Even though the quality is top tier, to me, it represents a new era of inclusivity in the makeup industry. The palette is, of course, not just for people with darker skin, but it looks beautiful on all skin tones. In the 21st century, companies should make palettes (or variations of palettes) that all can use. 

Photo 1, Photo 2 taken from Instagram: @anastasiabeverlyhills MUA: @adeolak


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