Nuts About You: The Squirrels of ND

Name: God Quad Squirrel and friends

Year/Hometown: These kids from the suburbs of Chicago think they're born and bred ND, but we're the ultimate townies. We've been here for generations. Born and raised in the 574. 

Dorm: Any and everywhere, but we're best known for running thing on God Quad.

Relationship Status: In a committed relationships with the Green Trashcans of ND #Baes

What are your favorite places to hang out on campus?

We love chillin' on God Quad. It's the real campus crossroads. Our leader, the God Quad squirrel, runs things over there. It's also a great place to get food from tourists. Speaking of food, LaFun and the dining hall trash cans are also prime feeding locations.

Speaking of the God Quad Squirrel, he's got a pretty decent Twitter following. How'd that happen?

He's 1/3 racoon so he's huge. One time he scared a kid so bad he dropped his phone. GQ picked it up, tapped on that little blue bird, and the rest is history. Hit him up @NDSquirrel. 

How do you feel about the stereotype that all ND squirrels are fat?

DJ Khaled knows eating well is a #MajorKey to success. 

What's a day in the life of an ND squirrel like?

We got our minds on our tummies and our tummies on our minds so really it's all about the food. To keep in shape we love chasing scared students, playing tag, and parkouring between tree limbs! It's a pretty sweet life.

ND kids are pretty stressed out. How do you relax? 

Pretty much just eat. Chasing the kids with Grab N' Go bags was fun (RIP to the brown bags) or run into the street. You should see the looks on people's faces! Perfect de-stresser! And we're helping people out by testing their brakes! It's a win-win. 

Thanks guys! 



Images: 3, all others provided by author