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November, No Flex Points

Ah, November at Notre Dame. The month of midterms and papers, bitter cold without the joy of snowfall, and those dreaded, early morning NOVO’s for the next semester. Probably the most annoying of those “hallmarks” is the realization that all of your semester’s Flex Points have been spent.

Where could they have all gone, you wonder? Was it the daily Starbucks runs? The frequent trips to the Huddle for anything ranging from shampoo to the beloved candy wall? Running out of Flex Points is seriously a bummer because, beyond other purchases, they are primarily used for meals and food outside of the dining halls, which you can only enter twice a day.

As you think about all the past two month’s purchases, you meditate on whether all of those purchases were necessary. You realize how lucky you are to even have a Flex Point system that lets you buy food without draining your bank account, and you become grateful for how long they lasted. And then, your stomach growls.

Now you have to figure out how to feed yourself, ideally without spending any of your hard-earned money! So, you swipe dining hall food whenever possible. You become a master of the Grab and Go, really making those seven points count. If any events on campus advertise free food, you are so there!

Finally, you long for Thanksgiving break so that you can eat home-cooked meals for a week and pack plenty of snacks for the upcoming finals! When asked what you are thankful for at the dinner table this holiday season, you’ll probably just say, “FOOD!”


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Katie Surine

Notre Dame

Katie is a senior (where did the time go???!!!) living in Lewis Hall. From Baltimore, MD, Katie is pursuing a double major in Vocal Music and Anthropology. Besides writing for HCND, she sings with Opera Notre Dame, choral groups, and she is a pianist for Lewis Hall weekly Mass and Lucenarium, or "Luce" for short. Other interests include baking, reading, traveling, composing, and all things Italian.
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