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The Texas game was huge. It was a high that carried Notre Dame students all the way to the following week’s game against the University of Virginia Cavaliers.

I was lucky enough to be sent to report on the game for Scholastic, and so begins my adventure as a dame in “Wahoo” territory.

If it’s only 4 hours before the game and none of the students are tailgating yet, is it still game day? As soon as I stepped on UVa’s campus around noon, I knew I was in an alternate universe—a universe where football might not be everyone’s total obsession on Saturday.

I ended up wandering around campus, exploring this college culture shock. At UVA, they don’t have The Shirt; it’s ties for the boys, dresses and pearls for the girls.

You can’t do touchdown pushups in a dress.

After what had been an underwhelming start to gameday, there was a great turnout for the actual game of both UVA and Notre Dame fans. Despite the away game, the Fighting Irish were well represented and vocal during the entire game.

Game Highlights

1st Quarter

9:29—Durham Smythe scores a touchdown after a 7 yard pass from DeShone Kizer. The two point conversion is no good though. Regardless, the Fighting Irish are feeling pretty good scoring so earl.

3:09—Justin Yoon makes a 32 yard field goal.

0:07—Yoon again with a 45 yard field goal.

2nd Quarter

10:54—UVa suddenly steps up and scores the first touch down against Notre Dame for the 2015 season.  

3:04—Matt Johns of UVa makes a 42 yard pass to Keeon Johnson for another UVa touch down, ending the quarter beating the Irish.

UVa’s halftime’s got nothing on the ND marching band

3rd Quarter

7:04—Zaire completes a 59 yard pass to Fuller for touch down, rebounding from the second quarter’s mishaps.

0:54—And Prosise completes another touch down for Notre Dame.

4th Quarter

13:42—Johns of UVa runs for 4 yards for another UVa touchdown. Regardless, the “Let’s go, Irish” could be heard throughout the UVa stadium.

1:54—Uva scores a TD, but the two point conversion was no good. At this point, Irish fans are heartbroken. There’s denial, bargaining, rushed prayers to fix this absurdity of how UVa could possibly beat ND.

0:12—Notre Dame scores a TD, winning the game

Overall, the game was played in true Notre Dame fashion—kept on your toes the whole time and then literally in the last minute, when all seems lost and you start to accept that you’re about to lose to an unranked school, the Fighting Irish pull through. Call it the luck of the Irish.

Final Score: ND 34 UVA 27

Little blurry, but Notre Dame ending the UVa game in alma mater tradition– Love thee, Notre Dame!


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(cue typical college student intro) Natalie is a freshman from Notre Dame studying business and journalism.  She is originally from Kansas City, Kansas, aka the land of Oz.  She willingly admits that her inner monologue is narrated by the voice of Kristen Bell, or more commonly recognized as the voice of Gossip Girl (xoxo).  In her spare time in which she is not trying to find a semi-comfortable place to crash for a power nap, she loves to read anything and everything, craft and has the dorm decorations to prove it, plan out her outfits a week in advanced, make coffee runs at any time of day, and last, but never least, hang out with her friends.  She is so lucky to have found a family at Her Campus and finally, Love Thee, HCND!