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The Notre Dame Consulting Consortium: Consult Like a Champion Today

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

The Notre Dame Consulting Consortium is a peer-to-peer resource that has partnered with the Career Center to provide industry information, networking events and interview preparation resources to students interested in pursuing a career in consulting.  

Consulting is often an ambiguous term that leaves many students wondering what a career in consulting actually means. The Consulting Consortium is a resource for those students to provide clarity and understanding to what consulting actually is, as well as provide the tools to succeed in the industry that they have chosen.

Interview Prep & Mentoring Program 

The Consortium website, which is currently under construction, has a number of interview preparation resources and sample cases, in addition to links to interview preparation materials provided by the Big 3 consulting firms. These interview resources are supplemented by a peer-to-peer interview program designed by the Consortium to pair up students interested in consulting for real life interview practice, as well as a mentoring program that pairs rising sophomore and juniors with a senior consulting mentor.

Projects Division

In addition to preparing students for case interviews, the Consortium projects division provides an opportunity for students to partner with businesses and organizations and act as actual consultants. These projects are not simply hypothetical cases, but deal with actual problems the businesses are facing today. This allows students to experience what it is like to work as a consultant, as well as increase the attractiveness of their resumes to consulting firms in the future.

How to Get Involved

If you’re interested in the projects division, our projects are typically comprised of five to seven team members and usually last a single semester. However, some may cross over into the next semester if necessary.  The details of each project will be posted on the Consulting Consortium website, as well as emailed to all Consortium members.  After the details of the project are released, you will send your resume and an explanation of your interest in the project to the Consortium (consultingconsortium@nd.edu), which will then evaluate your materials and later send out notifications of whether or not you were chosen to participate in the project.

Involvement in the mentoring program mostly applies to rising sophomores and juniors who are interested in obtaining a consulting mentor. In this program, you will be paired with a senior that has accepted a full-time position with a consulting firm. However, because we are limited in our number of senior participants, it is necessary to apply for this program. You can do this by sending your resume and explanation of interest to the Consortium (consultingconsortium@nd.edu). Note: the more active you are in the Consortium the better your chances are of being accepted.

Participation in the peer-to-peer interview program is by far the easiest way to become involved with the Consulting Consortium, as it does not require any type of application. Simply go to the Consulting Consortium website and sign up.

So get excited, get involved and consult like a champion today!

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Erin Rose Howard is a sophomore Business and English major at the University of Notre Dame. Hailing from the beautiful state of New Mexico, you can find her around campus attempting to bring some of her NM sunshine to ND. She is a strong promoter of the four main food groups: coffee, Diet Coke, chocolate, and pizza. Erin Rose's interests include: food, fashion, family, and friends. You can find the rarely updated story of her life on Instagram @erin_rose_howard or on Twitter @erhoward96.