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My Latest Obsession: Biscoff Cookie Butter

Hello wonderful people! I want to share all about my latest obsession: Biscoff Cookie Butter. I found this sweet treat at the start of this semester, and I simply cannot get enough! Here is why I think this cookie butter is one of the best:

The flavor of Biscoff cookies!
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As one of my favorite types of cookies, the classic flavor of Biscoff cookies is even better in cookie butter form than the traditional cookie. The delightful rich cinnamon and sugar flavors shine in this treat!

The perfect non-messy snack

Just like grabbing a spoonful of peanut butter, this cookie butter makes for a quick and mess-free snack without worrying about getting cookie crumbs everywhere! It is easy to eat quickly if you need a quick snack or to enjoy over a longer time if you are hoping to enjoy a well-deserved treat.

You Get to decide whether you want creamy or crunchy cookie butter

These two types of cookie butter provide wonderfully different experiences as you eat them! The crunchy cookie butter makes for a more filling snack while the creamy cookie butter is a lighter treat.

Pro tip: chill the cookie butter in the fridge to create the texture of cookie dough!

There is writing on the side of the container of Biscoff cookie butter that recommends storing it at room temp, but the heat of my unairconditioned dorm room at the start of the school year prompted me to store the cookie butter in my fridge, which turned out to be a great accidental discovery! I absolutely love the experience of the cookie butter chilled because then it really feels like you are enjoying cookie dough.

When you chill the cookie butter, you create edible cookie dough
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Because Biscoff cookie butter is made from ground up Biscoff cookies, the cookie butter is safe to eat! This means you can enjoy a cookie dough experience without any of the fear of ingredients that are raw or have not been properly heat-treated. Biscoff cookie butter is also made in a nut free facility, which is an added bonus for all those with nut allergies!

Biscoff cookie butter has been a revolutionary find and new addition to my collection of snacks this semester. I hope I convinced you to pick up a jar next time you are at the grocery store and try this sweet treat for yourself! Know that you are so loved, dear reader!



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Victoria Lyczak

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Victoria Lyczak is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame where she studies management consulting and theology. She is a lover of organization, fashion, hair, makeup, and all things that have to do with singing, dancing, and choreographing. She also loves making and eating all kinds of baked goods and desserts.
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