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MTV’s The Hills: Where Are They Now?

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

To enhance this experience even more, just let this play as you read this and are transported back to 2006. 

The Hills was a middle school classic featuring Lauren Conrad, Laguna Beach alum, and her friends as they tried living normal lives in crazy Los Angeles. This generation of collegiettes learned many lessons from LC and her crew, and allowed us to live vicariously through them with their classy parties and day to day lives broadcasted to us on TV. So have all of our favorite socialites grown out of the petty drama and reality shows? Let’s find out!

Lauren ConradProbably the most successful of the crew, and definitely an audience favorite, LC has done great things with her time away from The Hills. She runs her own website, which feautures DIY projects, workout tips, food, fashion and more. She also has her own clothing line, Paper Crown, which is described as “a collection for those who like to play dress up in a grown up world.” The clothes are adorable, so it looks like all of those endless hours working at Teen Vogue were worth it. Aside from her own company, she also has a line at Kohls. Best news of all, she’s engaged! It’s not, Brody, and not Jason, but even better, law student William Tell. Lauren seems to be doing everything right with her life, and its refreshing to see someone who hasn’t let reality TV get to her head. 

Heidi Montag and Spencer PrattHeidi, LC’s roommate at the start of The Hills, brought a lot of drama to the show. Her then boyfriend, Spencer Pratt, and BFF, Lauren, really didn’t get along, and this conflict ultimately ended Lauren and Heidi’s friendship. One of reality TV’s most infamous couples, Heidi and Spencer have now blown through all of their earnings from the show, probably due to Heidi’s millions of dollars worth of plastic surgery. They recently filmed a documentary called Aftershock: Heidi and Spencer, to show their side of the story. Apparently The Hills wasn’t enough to satisfy their reality TV cravings, as they also appeared on the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother, along with I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. Even though they’ve fallen out of the public eye, they still do whatever they can to catch the public’s attention. 


Audrina PatridgeAudrina also didn’t quite quench her reality TV thirst so she went on to star in her own show Audrina for 2 seasons. She also appeared on Dancing With The Stars and was sent home despite being a fan favorite. She’s done some acting as well, appearing in Sorority Row and commercials for Bongo and Carl’s Jr. Audrina is currently a host of NBC’s 1st Look which has her traveling around the country searching for the top travel destinations in different cities.  

Whitney PortWhitney was another crowd favorite, who pretty much stayed out of all of the drama.Whitney left the show to move to New York City, resulting in a new show, creatively named The City, which lasted for 2 seasons. Like her Teen Vogue co-worker Lauren, Whitney also has her own clothing line, Whitney Eve. Whitney also seems to have done things right, because she is happily engaged as well. She met her fiance Tim Rosenman while filming The C​ity and he proposed 3 years later in Australia.  

Kristin CavallariKristin idn’t spend too much time on the show, but we all knew her from her time with LC on Laguna Beach. She came on to replace Lauren after she left, and stirred things up quite a bit. After dating just about everyone on the show, Kristin is now married to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler. The first of The Hills ladies to become a mom, she gave birth to her son Camden in 2012 and is now expecting her second son with Cutler. 

Lo Bosworth A longtime friend of Lauren’s, Lo came into the show as a full time character in the second season. Lo is now living in NYC and has written a book called, The Lo Down, and has her own beauty channel on YouTube. She alos co-founded Revelry House, a site that sells party goods, recipes, and everything you need to turn a regular gathering into something even more. Aside from her beauty channel, her book, and running a company, Lo also currently studies at The International Culinary Center in New York City, and hopes to use her knowledge gained there to create new recipes for Revelry House. 

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Therese Burke is a Saint Mary’s College contributor to Her Campus Notre Dame.

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