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Movie Endings That Will Leave You Shook

Spoiler Alert!!!!!

Okay so if you clicked on this article you were probably already expecting some spoilers, but I thought I would be kind and warn you anyway. Have you ever seen a movie in which the ending left you straight up shook? Yeah, me too. Here are just a few of the films that left me rethinking my whole existence.

1.     Titanic

SHE LET GO! After Rose and Jack grow their forbidden love on the infamous Titanic cruise liner and escape against all odds, Rose refuses to make room for Jack on the door and lets him die. Not only does she let him die in the freezing Atlantic, but she lets go after promising him she wouldn’t. Honestly, this whole movie makes me wonder if love even exists at all.

2.     Inception

Will it stop? Will we ever know? Probably not. When our brave hero finally reunites with the family he’s been away from for so long, the audience feels a sense of relief, but then he wonders what the audience forgot to: Is this a dream? God, I hope not. As the totem begins to spin, the audience is at the edge of their seats wondering if it will ever stop spinning and just before they find out the screen goes black. The only reason this movie has not kept me awake every single night since I saw it was I decided that he got the happy ending I longed for.

3.     La La Land

Shout out to the only romance movie where they end up with different people. After two hours of the audience investing in their love through song and dance, it all falls apart. While the two are able to achieve their dreams, they are unfortunately unable to do it together. The sad dream sequence of Ryan Gosling imagining what his life with Emma Stone could have been like is the icing on the shook cake.

Also here are two films I will not formally list, but will mention as a nod to the importance of etymology.


1.     Star Wars: Episode 4, The Empire Strikes Back

For those of you who don’t remember what happened here or haven’t seen it (gasp) let me try to jog your memory with the famous and completely inaccurate quote, “Luke, I am your father.” Ahh! Now you know what I’m talking about. Yes, the insane moment when Darth Vader revealed to Luke that not only was he is archenemy, but his long lost father. Shocking I know, but it shouldn’t be. For those of you who know German, and I mean who doesn’t, you should recognize that an exact translation of Darth Vader’s name from German to English is Dark Father. See it’s not actually shocking at all is it? No, because the Star Wars writers decided to tell you from the very beginning, which makes it very obvious to me that, those guys probably never threw a successful surprise party either.

2.     Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

For this movie I would like to start with a more accurate quote, “He’s Back!” Yep that insane moment where Voldemort came back from the dead..kinda. For those of you who know French (or any other romance language for that matter), you should recognize three distinct words in his name. Vol de mort, which translated from French to English means, back from death. Yes, even the great J.K. Rowling herself revealed one of her big plot twist early on, but that’s ok, she provided us with many more unspoiled surprises to make up for it.


Although I only listed a few, there are hundreds of movies out there that will leave you shook, so get out there movie lovers and watch as many as you can!

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