The Most Active Member of Sorin College You Will Find: Ethan Holland

Missed the Sorin talent show? Have no fear, we were able to interview the hilarious MC you've probably heard so much about.  Meet Ethan Holland, a laid back bio major (yes I did just put those two phrases next to each other) who will guarantee you a good laugh. He is loyal to his Sorin otters and is not going abroad next year (hint hint), be sure to say hi to this great guy around campus!

The MC of the infamous Sorin Talent Show

Name: Ethan Holland

Hometown: Clifton Park, NY (Upstate NY/Canada depending on where you live)

Major: Biology

Family: The only child. Apparently, I cause my parents enough grief on my own.

Best thing about Sorin College: Father Bob’s chili. It is straight fire.

Favorite dining hall meal: Breakfast for dinner. Reasons 1) Breakfast and the foods involved in it are freaking awesome. 2) If I missed breakfast and it's breakfast for dinner night, then I don’t miss out on the most important meal of the day.

North or South: South. The sandwich station in North is nice, but South overall is simply superior.

Dreams, hopes, aspirations for the future: Still waiting for my acting career to take off. While I wait on that, trying to decide what to do with a bio degree, but hopefully something that helps people. Oh, and I dream of Notre Dame winning the college football playoff.

Ethan in his natural state: chillin and having a good time 

Your ideal date: I don’t have one. I don’t want a date to go as I envision/set standards for it; I’d rather have an experience I didn’t anticipate that I ended up really enjoying.

Your dream girl: Someone that is easy to talk to and that can make me laugh. Someone that is a mystery, in the sense that I don’t have her completely figured out. She can still do things that will surprise me even after I have known her for a while, and keep life interesting.

If you were a Ben and Jerry's flavor what would you be? Americone Dream is what I would like to be, as I love America and Stephen Colbert. But I can also see someone telling me I look like a Phish Food. I would recommend trying both flavors.

Walk up song: Don’t Stop Believin' by Journey

Things you do other than being awesome: I participate in many interhall sports. I write an op-ed for my dorm’s stall notes. I also serve as Senator for Sorin. I play the piano and sing poorly. I like just chilling and playing games or watching movies with my friends... it is tough to think of things, when you peaked in middle school.

Can you play the bass clarinet?

Can you cook/bake? I can cook breakfast. I cook bacon for the Catholic Worker once a month on Saturdays. And while I might start a small fire, the food will taste good. 

Favorite sport to watch: I do love me some curling every four years. But other than that, usually basketball or baseball.

Why'd you come to Notre Dame? My Dad was always a huge Notre Dame fan, so I watched them play growing up. When I got to sophomore year of high school, I thought I would try to go for it and get in, knowing it was a top school in the country. When my family drove out to visit before my senior year, I knew this was where I had to attend college. I loved the campus, academics, and athletics Notre Dame had, and I felt the community aspect was a perfect fit for me. I had to be a part of it.

Reflections on sophomore year ending: How have two years gone by already? I had a great year, with some great people, and I now know that with organic chemistry done forever, anything is possible.

Advice you'd give to incoming ND male: Just be you. The rest will figure itself out. Oh, and try to get your laundry done every 2-3 weeks/wash your hands with soap.

Ethan is known to kill it on the dance floor as shown above

How should an ND girl go about getting your attention at a dorm party: Just come up and talk to me. It is ok to leave your pack of friends and start a conversation with someone new once in a while. Heck, bring your group with you. I love meeting new people.

Favorite quote: “Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.”- The Princess Bride. My favorite movie character is Inigo and that is such a badass (I don’t know if I can use that word) quote.

Pirate or ninja: Pirate. I don’t think I’m in good enough shape to be a ninja.

Study habits that get you through finals: Just trying to put in enough time for all of my tests, and living by the motto, “try to get some of the points".

What you're most looking forward to about summer? Being home and seeing a lot of my pals from high school.

About junior year: A college football championship, and really that’s it in terms of what I expect. I don’t assume to know everything in advance/have the year planned out; I like going wherever the road takes me, and hopefully it leads to some new and great experiences that make junior year a memorable one.

Thanks Ethan! Good luck to all with the rest of finals week. If you’re in need of a really good laugh (or maybe some mean bacon/a breakfast date) be sure to hit up Sorin College and ask for Ethan Holland. 

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