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Meet Teague Kohlbeck ’17

Name: Teague Kohlbeck

Year: Sophomore

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Orange, California

Activities: Japan Club, Sci-Fi Fantasy

Jobs: Legends Street Team, Zaland Delicious Pizza Cooker, EE lab assistant

Relationship Status: Single and so ready to mingle!

I found Teague in his room doing homework and applications as is his usual afternoon activity. He showed much apathy at being questioned about what he was doing. Teague is a quiet and thoughtful fellow with a pension for cracking jokes. I only hoped that I could get under his skin and at the real person he tried to hide from everyone.

What is your favorite word? Volacious, a fun word.

Do you have any talents? Makes delicious pizza, professional musician, and avid grower of great facial hair.

How long have you been playing guitar and why do you play?  About six years and I play because it’s fun mostly.

Who is your best friend and why? All my imaginary friends are insane, and the author of this article for getting my terrible story out there to the world.

Do people often question your age or sanity? Yes. But I only assume that’s because I’m insane and was blessed with the ability to grow better facial hair than Shaquille Johnson.

What is your favorite childhood memory? Going down to 7/11 in the rain and getting slurpees to drink in the back of a van.

What is the reason behind your major choice? It seems like it would be very practical, it’s unlikely that electronics will be going anywhere. And it seemed like fun to be able to design circuits and build devices. I should build myself an amplifier, that’d be fun.

What do you love most about Notre Dame? The diverse amount of opportunities that are available that I am not taking advantage of.

What’s your favorite animal? The platypus because it’s a duck-billed mammal that lays eggs. It has no idea what’s going on.

What are some things that you do everyday? Procrastinate, study, homework, watch an ungodly amount of Netflix, and think of the hopes and dreams of everybody.

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do? Release an album, I just don’t have the free time to try to song-write

What is one thing you’d like to say to everyone reading? HHiiiiiii *creepy wave and smile*

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Images provided by interviewee
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