Meet PE's Peas in a Pod: Kerrianne Conroy and Kathy Minko '18

Meet one of PE's most hilarious, dynamic duos: Kerrianne Conroy and Kathy Minko


Kerrianne Conroy (unless you’re a cop or I owe you money, in which case, you have me mistaken for someone else)

Kathryn (Kathy) Louise Minko

Dorm: Pasquerilla East

Graduation Year: 2018


Kerrianne: Business Undeclared & Irish Language and Literature

Kathy:  English and American Studies with a minor in Journalism


Kerrianne: Arlington, Massachusetts

Kathy: Valparaiso, Indiana



Kerrianne and her high school, townie friend Hallie

Activities involved in on campus:

Kerrianne: Irish Club, PE Flag Football, Baraka Bouts

Kathy: Observer writer, student worker for Media Relations, Hall Council Secretary, Writing Center Tutor


Kerrianne: KC, K-Anne, Yung Thug, Ugly, Troll, & Ugly Troll

Kathy Kathy, Kath-Kath, Kathy Lou, Lou Lou Belle, hey you 

Relationship status:

Kerrianne: Tip toe wing in my jawwdinz alone through life

Kathy: S/O to Tom Walsh for making my relationship dreams come true #goalz

Kathy and Tom at a football game this year

Fun fact about yourself:

Kerrianne: My parents didn’t put me in afterschool activities as a child to keep me off the streets, so I turned to a life of petty crime and hooliganism before turning my life around and getting into Notre Dame. (Also, thanks for the helpful explanation of a fun fact Meghan – that one was real ~tricky~)

Kathy: I took karate in sixth grade, but the largest boy in the class snapped my ankle. I never stepped foot (haha) in the ring since.

Why did you choose Notre Dame?:

Kerrianne: Who could say no to the bustling city of South Bend, Indiana?

Kathy: I've dreamt of becoming a member of the Fighting Irish since the sixth grade. My mom lived in PDub (booo) and my grandpa lived in Cav, so it only made sense I follow suit. I absolutely love the opportunity this campus provides its students. It provides a strong, long-lasting sense of community.

Tom and Kerrianne are here... but where's Kathy? 

What is your favorite Notre Dame tradition?:

Kerrianne: Singing the Alma Mater at the end of every football game.

Kathy: I love singing the Alma Mater after each athletic game or campus-wide event. I feel as though I am a part of a welcoming, successful family who stands firmly in their values.

Favorite class at Notre Dame so far?:

Kerrianne: Biographies and Autobiographies with Monk Malloy – my freshman seminar.

Kathy: I absolutely love the American Studies class I'm enrolled in this semester. It has pushed me to challenge my identity as an American, which has altered my perception of the United States as a world power. Our professor emphasizes the importance of thinking critically and formulating OUR OWN conclusions drawn from logical claims. It's quite fulfilling.

From left to right: Kerrianne, Meghan, and Kathy

Who is your roommate? :

Kerrianne: Proud member of #FauxQuad. I live with @agentsuszhu and next door to the one and only @megsies_10 and twitterless Kathy. L Shameless plug to follow us all on twitter. There’s a lot of entertaining cyber bullying banter. (Follow cha girl @Kayyy_anne)

Kathy I room with ya girl Meghan Cohoon. She's one of the best, most motivated person I've met. She pushes me to maintain good health and perspective amidst stress, and I'm so grateful to have her in my life. Also, I became friends with her to become closer to her (cooler) family members (shh). Also also, she buys me really good food, even though she ends up eating it all anyway. You do you, Hanz. You do you.


Kathy and Meghan (hey, that's me!) before PE's formal

Celebrity Crush(es)?:

Kerrianne: Bryce Harper and Jimmy Garoppolo. #JerseyChaser

Kathy: John Kransinski... John and Kathy Kransinski. Mrs. Kathy Kransinski. Mrs. Kathy Halpert? I'm sorry, Tom, I don't mean it that much. 

Can you describe your ideal date?:

Kerrianne: One that involves a lot of banter and sarcasm. I like to establish dominance by crushing self-esteem. Also #NetflixAndChill

Kathy: I really don't have an ideal date in mind. If a guy takes initiative and shows he cares about you through your date, that's fine by me.

What is your favorite TV show?:

Kerrianne: One Tree Hill #TeamLucas

Kathy The Office. I'm a fanatic.

I just really like getting in pictures with Kathy and Kerrianne

What is your favorite Movie?:

Kerrianne: The Blind Side

Kathy: This movie called It's Complicated. John Kransinski and Meryl Streep both star in it, so you can imagine my love for it.

What is your favorite Book?:

Kerrianne: The Bible

Kath: 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult...I read it in the 8th grade, and it was probably the most inappropriate book ever, but I've read it three or four times since. Never gets old.

What's your favorite quote of all-time?: 

Kerrianne: “Sometimes people write novels and they just be so wordy and so self-absorbed. I am not a fan of books. I would never want a book's autograph. I am a proud non-reader of books.” – Kanye West 

Kathy: "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky"   - Michael Scott

The ORIGINAL Faux Quad

Thanks for the interview, Kerrianne and Kathy! 


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Images: provided by interviewees