Meet Joe Witt!

Joe Witt is the Class President for the freshman class of 2020 and the newly elected Class President for the future sophomore class of 2020.

Name: Joe Witt

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Graduation Year: 2020

Dorm: Siegfried Hall

Major: International Economics w/ a Concentration in Spanish

Favorite Song off of Divide: “Galway Girl”

Favorite Night at the Dining Hall: Chicken Wing Night

What did you want to be as a kid? Astronaut

If you had to be one part of the taco, would you be the shell, the meat, or the toppings and why? I think I would be the shell because it holds everything together.

What made you decide to run for class president? I was really involved in student government in high school, and I always loved it and loved seeing the positive impact I could have on people. When the opportunity arose to do the same thing at Notre Dame, I jumped on it and never looked back!

What is your favorite part of being class president? My favorite part about being class president is being able to meet so many people, both students and staff.

What is the hardest part of what you do? The hardest thing is advertising and trying to get the highest attendance at our events that we can.

What changes do you hope to make as class president? I hope to have more events that promote the inclusivity and community of our class.

What are hopes for the future of the class of 2020? As a leader of the class, I have been able to meet members of it from all across campus. I realize how special all of these people are and I believe that we can make a big difference on issues that Notre Dame seems to be behind on.

Why are you so cool? I think I’m cool because I’m very outgoing! I pride myself on knowing a lot of people and therefore being able to represent the interests of many different people. I’m always down to have a conversation with anyone or hangout anytime, and, of course, I’m a huge Notre Dame sports fan and you can always find me where the action is.

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Images: All images provided by the interviewee