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Meet Campus Cutie: Pat ‘Little Foot’ Jeffers ’17

Name: Pat Jeffers

Year: Sophomore

Major: Science/Business

Hometown: Westfield, Indiana

Activities: Gluten-free Club, Inter hall sports

Relationship Status: Single and so ready to mingle!

Upon meeting with Pat for the interview, he told me that his first thought after receiving my text asking him to be Campus Cutie was that of the scene from the Claymation Christmas move Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer in which Rudolph excitedly flew for the first time exclaiming, “She thinks I’m cute!!!” If that doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will. 

How do you feel about the word moist? I love it. It makes me think of warm chocolate chip cookies.

Do you have any quirks? Well I have a little foot. My left foot is significantly smaller than my right foot. I love my little foot; it makes me special. It’s well loved in Alumni. 

Who is your best friend and why? I have lots of best friends. I don’t believe in monogamy when it comes to best friendship.

Are you a triplet? Yes.

What is your favorite childhood triplet memory? So, when we were little we used to crawl out of our individual cribs and all crawl into the same one.

What are your hopes and dreams? I want to be a pediatric orthopedic surgeon so I can help other kids’ little feet. 

Do you want to specifically focus on little foot research? If that’s a thing I would love to do it. 

What do you love most about Notre Dame? Being in Alumni, obviously. It’s the best dorm on campus.

What’s your favorite animal? Don’t judge me, but I love kittens.

What are your thoughts on Walker Carlson? I think he’s got a very chiseled face, he’s very handsome. He’s got a taut, strong, Air Force body. 

What are some things that you do everyday? I really like checking up on Cosmo with Snapchat’s new Discovery feature.

Why is that? Well I check Cosmo bcause I read all those discovery things and it’s there so why not?

If you could do one thing with no repercussions or fear of failure, what would it be? If I couldn’t fail I’d run for President because that would be awesome.

What is one piece of advice you think is most useful to Notre Dame kids? I would just say to be yourself and don’t care too much about what anyone else thinks about you and you’ll have a better ND experience. 

If you see Pat around campus, be sure to say hello and ask to see his Little Foot. It is widely belived to have magical powers and you never know when you could use some of those. 

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