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Making Sanitation Stylish: My Top 5 Etsy Face Mask Shops

As the country continues to battle our pertinacious pal known as COVID-19, it goes without saying that we all have the responsibility of doing what we can to keep ourselves and others safe. One of the most important and simplest ways of doing that is by wearing a face mask when in public, especially when social-distancing cannot be maintained. However, being sanitary doesn’t have to come at the cost of being stylish! I’ve found that a cute face mask can totally compliment an outfit, or it can be a statement piece itself! I’ve honestly had a lot of fun finding fashionable PPE (personal protective equipment), specifically from Etsy shops. When you purchase items from Etsy, you aren’t only supporting small businesses and independent sellers, but you’re guaranteed to receive high-quality handmade products. Here are my top five picks when it comes to pandemic protection, but making it ~fashion~.


These masks are probably my personal favorite as they look and feel incredibly luxurious and are so soft on the skin! The colors range from rosy pink to deep blue, and you’re bound to get compliments on any one of these silky smooth styles!


I have been a sucker for flowery patterns recently, and luckily this Etsy shop has all the prints for my floral fix! The “small pink rose” pattern has been my go-to mask lately as it adds a pop to an ordinary outfit! You can bet I will definitely be ordering more of these fun masks!


Sometimes, solid is the way to go! These masks are perfect staples to add to your collection as they come in nice neutrals as well as bright and beautiful shades. Excuse me while I go order one in every color…


Tell me these are not the cutest masks EVER! The prints range from glam to shabby chic, and every single one is adorable. If you’re a girly girl, you need to check out these masks as they totally elevate any outfit and are the perfect example of not sacrificing style when wearing a mask!


Just some more cute cotton prints!!! These masks are so preppy and fun without the prints being too busy! My personal favorites are the lemon printed masks, and there’s even an avocado pattern that I am purchasing ASAP.

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