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Land Down Under: Study Abroad Celeb Jackie Marszalek ’16

Jackie Marszalek is a Saint Mary’s sophomore currently studying in Fremantle, Australia! A member of the Notre Dame figure skating team, Jackie traded in her time on the ice for some time on the beach. Read more about her trip to the land down under! 

Why did you pick to study abroad in australia?

I wanted to study abroad in Australia because it is a once in a lifetime experience. The beauty the country offers is amazing. I never hear of people studying abroad in Australia so I wanted to come experience the land down under.

How has it been adjusting to a new culture?

 Adjusting is not too difficult due to the lack of a language barrier. However, there is a very different lifestyle. Everyone here is laid back and easy going. The slang is quite different here so that took some adjusting too.


What is your living situation like?

I live in a dorm that’s co-ed. My dorm is right across from the Fremantle beach and a park.  My room is a single surrounded by domestic and other study abroad students. The majority of the people on my floor are from the US or Australia but there are a few students from South Africa, Japan, and Germany.


What has been the most exciting part about Australia so far?

The most exciting part about Australia is meeting new people. I have made friends with people from all around the world. Traveling around Australia has also been really exciting. I love going from town to town and just experiencing all that Australia has to offer.


What do you miss most about America?

I miss chipotle, Netflix, my friends, and family.


What do you miss most about south bend?

I miss those pizza Fridays in the SMC dining hall and eating ranch with my pizza, and all the members of the Notre Dame synchronized skating team.


What has been the biggest culture shock?

The style is very different here. I actually have to dress nice for class and try to look hipster. The sarcasm here is ridiculous, that’s a huge cultural shock. AND DROP BEARS… its a bear that looks like a koala that lives in trees and they drop down on people and attack them.

What are you looking forward to doing while in Australia?

I hope to travel up the west coast and hit up all the beautiful beaches and swimming with whale sharks.

Thanks, Jackie!

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