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Intro to Syllabus Week: Your Syllabus for Sylly Week

Intro to Syllabus Week

Professor Kit Loughran

Fall Term 2014

Welcome to Syllabus Week for the term Fall 2014! This introductory course will commence the 2014 school year and provide you with a glimpse into all things not academic. Syllabus Week is no doubt the best week of the year, and this course is intended to introduce you to the essential principles of the ND social scene and to develop an appreciation for the festivities on campus. Let’s get sylly!!!

Class Schedule: All day Sunday, August 24 – Saturday, August 30

  • Note: if you arrive to campus early, feel free to start preparing for the course. Participating in activities early is definitely encouraged as it will provide you a solid foundation for the upcoming week.
  • There are multiple “sections” throughout the week and you are welcome to attend all, if you so chose. Classrooms include several locations throughout South Bend. TBD.

Course Materials:

  • Subtle summer bronze
  • Valid identification
  • Cab $$$
  • Plenty of darty shorts and tops
  • Updated playlist
  • And most importantly, NO TEXTBOOKS!

Course Objectives:

Syllabus Week is an interdisciplinary one-week course that will set the tone for your school year. Though it will not necessarily enhance your academic performance, this course is critical to kicking off the school year as it will expand your social prospects. By the end of the week, I expect ND Collegiettes to:

1.     Practice social skills by reconnecting with your friends, and making plenty of new ones.

2.     Perform key elements of the going-out scene, like dancing on some sort of elevated surface.

3.     Become familiar with and/or re-visit South Bend’s finest establishments, including CJ’s, Club Fever, Oyster Bar, O’Rourke’s, and Finny’s.

4.     Evaluate conceptual and theoretical approaches for social tactics, such as coordinating cab rides, hitting up the must-be-at parties, and choosing a fab outfit.

5.     Master the proper dress code, etiquette, and spirit so that you Tailgate Like a Champion Today.

Course Assignments:

1. Go out!

This is the one week that it is acceptable by ND standards to go out every night of the week. So, like the ND student that you are, seize the opportunity given to you. Pre-planned gatherings or spur of the moment appearances, day or night, go have some fun.

2. Move in

This is probably the most stressful part of the course. Carrying suitcases and boxes up three flights of stairs in the awful heat really is not a picture-perfect as Hollywood makes it look in movies. But, don’t slack off! Take the time to make your room just the way you like—it’s your new home after all.

3. Dinner Date with Your Girlfriends

This assignment will help fulfill the week’s objective to reconnect with friends. Go celebrate the beginning of another great year at Corn Dance, The Mark, Uptown Kitchen, or Rocco’s.

4. Create a Signature Drink

You will be making plenty of toasts and cheers this week, so you’ll need a good drink in hand. Try something different, serve beverages in pink solo cups, or add a fun straw.

5. Pick an Anthem

The course would be incomplete without a go-to jam. Pick a theme song for the week that you can blast on your speakers or belt out at Karoke Night at O’Rourke’s. May I suggest T Swift’s “Shake It Off”?

6. Game Day

You must wake up no later than 8 a.m. No exceptions. Turn on “Here Come the Irish” and rally to the max. It’s time to kick-off the tailgating season. WE ARE ND. 

Helpful Tips to Succeed:

  • Mentally prepare for the humid, heavy, and disgusting Midwest heat. It might deflate your hair, ruin your makeup, and make your clothes stick, but just think that this is probably the last time you will actual sweat all year. The snow will fall before you know it.
  • Running into an ex or past hookup might make you a tad anxious, but know that your summer glow has you totally looking gorgeous for the anticipated quad or DH run-in.
  • Start off on a good foot with your rectress. In other words, do not do anything that stupid that will land you in her apartment discussing your first in-house offense. 

Grading Scale:

Moved-in and un-packed ……………….. 10%

Assignments ……………………….……. 25%

Pre-gamed (hosted or attended) ………….. 10%

Tailgated ………………………………… 30%

Remained stress free …………………….. 5%

Acquired all Course Materials …………… 5%

Took “quality” photos ………………….. 10%

Bonus: Killed it on the dance floor……….. 5%


Had a Syllabus Week for the Books…. 100%

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