Instagrams I Didn't Know Existed Until 5 Minutes Ago

Welcome to my first article on Her Campus. Please prepare yourself for a very random list of Instagram accounts that, as I accurately stated in the title, did not know existed until I wrote this in a haze at 2 AM. Please enjoy.





If bald, buff guys with rough voices is your thing, then take a long look at Vin Diesel’s videos and the occasionally pixelated pictures that if he had done just a bit more looking, he could’ve found one that was way better quality. It is a nice insight to his personal life too.


Rating: 5/10






Amazing. Who knew? I didn’t. This is an entire Instagram page dedicated to the #001 Pokemon Bulbasaur. There are detailed posts about why Bulbasaur is the best starter or why it’s the best in general. An interesting find that will definitely cause amusement to whatever degree you may be looking for.


Rating: 6/10






Cute dog. There are many pictures from close-up and far away. Stanley is a mini-Australian Labradoodle and before looking at anymore pictures, you can already tell that he’ll be the cutest little pup you’ve seen today. Makes me miss my dog even more.


Rating: 7/10






Wow. Boasting itself as “The International Design Authority”, I can certainly say that I would give them the authority to design my room (ba dum tiss). Very pretty rooms and there’s multiple aesthetics for just as many personalities.


Rating: 5/10






I just think bears are the chillest things. The account doesn’t limit itself to these polar pups, it has a nice mix of brown and black. Theoretically, I’d love to see one up close some day. Realistically, I am also like the perfect snack-size for these guys so you’ll be able to catch me admiring them from a safe distance away.


Rating: 6.5/10






Food is good too. I can appreciate some well-made food and bonus points for making it look extra tasty. This account showcases great looking options in Montreal, which is simultaneously a plus and minus: sad news that I can’t eat it but good news for keeping my “healthy” diet.


Rating: 4/10






Oh man, this guy is just the epitome of cool. He posts pics and vids of himself just casually hanging out with some monkeys, tigers, lions, and other random animals that I can only dream of seeing up close one day. Super chill stuff and I’ve always wondered how soft some of those guys are.


Rating: 5/10






Do you like homes? Do you like depots? Well, do I have an account for you. Home Depot’s Instagram account is chock-full of professionally taken images that show you what your home could like if you really wanted to spend all your money. Fun stuff.


Rating: 8/10






When I stumbled onto this account, I was confused for a bit. Dedicated to screenshots of Tumblr and twitter posts, it’s an interesting find to say the least. Funny, confusing, and kind of concerning if you look hard enough, these posts can appeal to mostly everyone.


Rating: 4.2/10






This chick is so artistic that the stick figures I’m capable of drawing look even more simple than usually. She draws on mirrors and glass to make it look like she’s doing some cool stuff. There’s one that’s a jungle setting with a koala and may I say that it is koala-ty artwork.


Rating: 6/10



In conclusion, this is the most random list of things I’ve written since my high school paper “Things I Can Realistically Step On”. I may have stumbled across some of these on accident, but you can bet that I now have Home Depot on my post notifications list. Having started and finished this in the dead of night, I am only now starting to think on a semi-coherent level.

Until next time,



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Photos from respective Instagram Accounts