If Notre Dame Men's Dorms Were Dog Breeds

In the spirit of finals week, I wanted to write an article that provided for just the right amount of procrastination. So, I present "If the Notre Dame men's dorms were dog breeds…."

Alumni: German Shepard

A German Shepard is a pretty intimidating dog. You notice a German Shepard walking down the street in the same way Alumni guys like to think they're noticed. German Shepards hold their heads high and convey intensity when you meet them. They know (or think) that they’re important.

Carroll: St. Bernard

St. Bernard’s were originally bred to find injured or lost travelers in Switzerland, so, naturally, they excel at making long journeys. They're sturdy dogs, lovingly referred to as gentle giants. Like our Carroll men, St. Bernard’s are survivors, while at the same time being very loveable and friendly. 

Dillon: Labrador Retriever

Labs are a classic, just as Dillon is. They're known to lounge around with their owners. More importantly, labs are always welcoming to people who come to their house, just as the Dillon men open their door to all for Milkshake Mass.

Duncan: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A classy, sophisticated dog for only the top tier of people. It’s “King” name reflects the palace-like accommodations of Duncan Hall. The King Charles Spaniel also make great companions, as do the men of Duncan.

Fisher: Labradoodle

Labradoodles are energetic. Specifically, they love to swim and we all know the Fisher men love the water and their regatta. Labradoodles are always up for playing, like Fisher is always up for throwing down.

Keenan: Dalmatian

Dalmatians are a solid dog breed, respected by all. Dalmatians are known for their work as firehouse dogs, as the community knows Keenan hall for its abundant service work. Dalmatians are more serious dogs in the way the Keenan men are more focused. This allows the Dalmatian to be good working dogs and it allows Keenan to put on their killer Keenan Revue each year.

Keough: Pug

Pugs are said to be clowns at heart, but they carry themselves with dignity. Much in the same way, the Keough men carry themselves when they wear their togas. Keough guys are on the shyer side when compared to their next door neighbor O’Neill. However, like pugs when given the opportunity to play (party), they will let this shyness fade and put on a good show.

Knott: Dachshund

Dachshunds are dogs bursting with personality, a characteristic that matches the Knott male. Knott men are their own people; they are quirky, but they roll with it in the best way possible. The Dachshund proudly carries its long body on short legs similarly to how Knott men carry their unique personalities.

Morrissey: Corgi

Corgis are short energetic dogs, reflecting the size and personality of Morrissey Manor. The poor men of Morrissey are packed into such a small space. But they make the most of it being as positive as possible, sneaking parties in as they can, and remain loveable like the Corgi. The Corgi is one of the most adaptable dog breeds, which reflects the Morrissey men’s ability to live in unfortunate conditions.

O’Neill: Jack Russell terrier

Jack Russell Terrier is one of the most energetic dogs and is always on the move. O’Neill men have abundance of energy and are constantly having parties. Like the terrier, they always seem to have energy to spare.

St. Ed's: Golden retriever

The golden retriever is the classic American dog. Very loveable and loyal. This reflects the Stedsmen who live up to their gentlemen mascot. Everyone wants to have a golden retriever (just like everyone wants to go to the Yacht Dance). Golden retrievers stick with their own, creating tight knit bonds. Overall, a well bred type to match the gentlemen of St. Ed's.

Siegfried: Mastiff

Mastiff’s are powerful, big dogs. Siegfried men follow suit. When you think Siegfried, you think big and tough. They're considered the most athletic dorm. Mastiffs are compassionate, but when someone messes with their family, they will certainly protect their own. Paralleling the way, the men of Siegfried are loyal to their dorm. 

Sorin: Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are known for being laid back, which pretty much sums up the personality of Sorin. These dogs are very calm and lazy, but said to love to be with their companions. Sorin guys like to chill, pretty much stick to themselves, and, well, Sorin only loves Sorin.

Stanford: Collie 

Collies are good-natured and friendly, as all Stanford guys I have met are. The Collie is thought of as a gentle breed, which accounts for many of the quieter calmer types of guys that live in Stanford. Just another classic well-bred American dog.

Zahm: Mutt

The Mutt is said to be the best of all worlds. Zahm reflects this with their contradicting personalities. Like mutts, Zahm guys just do them and live their life, even if the name “mutt” has negative connotation. Like mutts, they are fiercely loyal to their family for, as we know, Zahm guys are pretty exclusive.

Disclaimer: This article is based on my knowledge and help from other friends around campus. As always stereotypes do not apply to all people and of course the guys in ND dorms can’t just be classified as this. If any dorm feels that they were wrongly represented, just bark!

Happy Finals Studying!

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