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Ideas For The Ultimate Spring Break Staycation

While many of our friends are jetting off to the sunny beaches of Mexico, the cobblestone streets of Italy, or any other amazing location, some of us are bound to be spending our break powering through a staycation. But just because you’re not south of the border or stamping your passport doesn’t mean you can’t have the ultimate staycation in the comfort of your own home or dorm room. 

Spa Day(s)

Spring Break is the perfect time to unwind and focus on number one – you. So take the time to pamper yourself by having a spa day with mom or trying out some of those awesome DIY exfoliating masks you see on Pinterest. Break is great because you can spend as much time as you want hanging out and no one can judge you. 


Staying away from the beaches means you have ample time to perfect your summer bod which means you can afford to cheat a little. Take the time at home to try out new recipes on your fam’s dime or take a couple ingredients from the dining hall to hold you over between meal times. Pinterest and Tumblr are both great for a place to start. If you have a bunch of stuff and no idea where to start, apps like Supercook will help you make awesome dishes from the ingredients you already have. 

Pet Therapy

If you’re an animal lover, plan a day to take a trip to the pet store with your friends and sneak in a little TLC with a four legged friend. If you have a pet at home, take them on special walks or out with you for your daytime adventures. 

Get started on your beach bod

If you’re staying on-campus, the gyms are guaranteed to be deserted. If you get a little too into feasting, there’ll be no wait to sweat the guilt out.

Feng Shui Your Room

Use your alone time to rethink your space. Spring is great if your roommates are away because it gives you a chance to spruce up your space. 

Get To Know Your Hometown (Or your home under the Dome)

Chances are someone from high school will be at home to hang out with you. If anyone you want to see is there, look into free entertainment in your hometown. Take the time to try new restaurants or go to the museum you haven’t been to since grade school. If you’re in South Bend, try exploring downtown. The Sweep is free with a Notre Dame ID and takes you other places than the mall. Take the time to visit the Chocolate Factory, the Studebaker museum,  or the South Bend library. It’s great way to spend the day. Plus, few of us really know the city we’re living in for four years that well. Visit visitsouthbend.com for more ideas. If you’re home, check out your town or city’s tourism sites.


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