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Iconic Images From the Oscars 2015

At 7:00 PM on Sunday (2/22), the nation gathered around TVs, computers and mobile devices to witness the 87th Academy Awards Ceremony. The nation collectively cheered when Eddie Redmayne won Best Actor, cried when “Glory” won best song and was performed live, and “couldn’t even” every time that suspenseful, five word phrase was uttered: “And the Oscar goes to…..”. It’s safe to say that the Oscars is one of the most watched and iconic televised events in America.

One of the Oscars awarded every year is the Oscar for Best Picture (this year’s winner was the movie Birdman). However, some pretty spectacular pixels were generated at the Oscars Awards on Sunday. There are too many great choices to include all of them, but here are some iconic Oscars 2015 images.

1. Neil Patrick Harris hosting the Oscars

2. Neil Patrick Harris and Anna Kendrick performing on stage

I like this picture mainly because I love musical theater (and can’t wait for this year’s Tony’s!), and I was really pleased with the recent musical film Into The Woods. I’ve also included this photo in my lineup because these are two very taleneted individuals, and seeing them perform together is a real treat. 

3. Emma Stone hugging Jennifer Aniston

It’s always really nice and uplifting to see support and commeraderie among fellow actors and celebrities.

4. Lupita Nyong’o presenting an award

5. Lady Gaga performing Sound of Music

6. Channing Tatum/Steve Carrell gif

Sometimes, when things get intense and too suspenseful, you need to lighten the mood a little. 

7. Oprah’s Lego Oscar

How could you not be excited about an Oscar trophy made out of Lego’s? 

8. Eddie Redmayne winning Best Actor

Congratulations, Mr. Redmayne! What an amazing accomplishment!

Congratulations to all Oscar winners and attendees! You’re all winners to us!


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