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I Tried ColourPop Matte Liquid Lipsticks And You Should Too!

My roomate and I are major makeup freaks. When one of us buys new makeup, we both spend a concerning amount of time smelling it, trying it out on our hands, and comparing how it looks on each of us. I am a biracial woman with my mother's fair skin and my father's dark hair and eyes. I love all lipstick colors (bold, nude, a pop of color) so long as they compliment my complexion and features.  When I was introduced to ColourPop, I was a bit skeptical of the prices.  I ended up registering my email, receiving a $5 coupon towards my first purchase, and ended up purchasing two lipsticks for $7 total including shipping, after applying my coupon.  There are so many different colors and shades!  They also have Satin Lip options if you are not a fan of matte lipsticks.  My inner bargain hunter was excited, but I remained cautiously optimistic.  
The two lipsticks I purchased are called Guess and StingRAYE.  I also tried on my roommate's ColourPop lipsticks so that you can see what a few other shades look like.  Her lipsticks are called Tulle, More Better, and Avenue. Here is what they look like on me:
Top: Avenue (left) and More Better (Right); Bottom: Tulle (left), Guess (Middle), StingRAYE (right)
Overall, I have had an extremely positive experience with my ColourPop lipsticks!  They look absolutely incredible with our without a lip liner (although ColourPop does sell the corresponding liners should you want them, for an additional cost).  They are a little bit drying, but I usually just fix that by putting a little Vaseline on my lips at night.  In terms of wearability, I have been able to drink, eat, and even lick my lips confortably.  I usually only have to reapply once.  The shades were slightly darker than I had originially anticipated, but they look so incredible on and I get so many compliments on them, that I rarely notice.
My roommate Chandler, a beautiful black woman offers this opinion to this article, "I love ColourPop because it is affordable and has a wide range of color selection, especially for women of color."
All in all, I would definitely purchase ColourPop matte lipsticks again.  My inner Kylie Jenner was extremely satisfied (and so was my wallet)
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Images: provided by the author.
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