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I Got Matching Build-A-Bears with My Long-Distance BFFs. Here’s Why You Should Too

This summer, I was blessed to finally be able to see some of my best friends I met at Showchoir Camps of America in 2018 and 2019 after two long years of not getting to see them. During our time together this summer, we had the spontaneous idea to get matching Build-A-Bears together. Here’s why you should too.

A physical representation of your friendship

A bit like friendship bracelets in a different form, making bears with your friends acts as a great physical reminder of your friendship! This is especially true if you made the bears with friends you only see a few times a year or every few years!

A fun (and photo-worthy) activity

Inspired by the videos where girls would go to Build-a-Bear with their significant others, my friends and I decided that we would do a similar thing but friend edition. We went through the process, step-by-step, together and made matching bears! It was so much fun to reminisce of the childhood joys of the process (although I was sad that there was no longer a station to give your bear a bath!) and to do it with such special friends.

After we had finished the Build-A-Bear process, we took some adorable photos with them! The bears make for really cute photos!

Something to remember your friends by when you miss them
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After we had finished making the bears, naming them and taking photos with them, we each hugged all the bears. This way, whenever one of us felt sad or missed the others, we could hug our bear and in turn be reminded of hugging our friends too. Now my bear sits on my college bed as a reminder that, even when I feel alone, there are women out there that love and support me no matter what!

All in all, a spur-of-the-moment idea to make Build-A-Bears with my long-distance best friends turned out to be one of the most fun experiences of the summer and something I am still glad I did. Each day, when I come home from class and see that sweet little bear sitting on my bed, I am reminded that I am loved. Know that you too are loved so very much, dear reader!



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