Huddle Hottie: Heather Lennon '17

The Basics

Name: Heather (Heath, Heath Bar, Burker King Girl) Lennon

Year: Junior

Dorm: Pangborn! Yes, people actually live there. 

Hometown: Dobbs Ferry, New York

Major: Marketing

Relationship Status: I just redownloaded Tinder. Safe to say I'll be in a committed relationship by New Years. Until then, I'm sleeping 'til 3 and watching Netflix. Long story short: I'm available. 

PS. Currently seeking hot male date for Christmas so my family doesn't falsely assume I'm a lesbian...again. Will pay in chicken nuggets.

On Campus

You're finishing up a semester in London, but tell us about your glam life back in the Bend.

My life is basically screwin' around with my friends, being late to class, going to the Huddle, and aiming for 5 mile runs but settling for 2. 

Speaking of the Huddle, tell us about how you're runnin' thangs as a student manager. 

I did my time at Burger King. I was the Burger Queen. They even gave me a crown (see photo below). I became a student manager sophomore year which basically means I can work at other places at the Huddle and occassionally do office work. It also means I have to vacuum the office and I am NOT domestic.

I end up at Subway a lot, but it's chill. You can stand in the line at Subway and feel sad about your life or you can seize the day and use it to flirt with cute men while you give 'em a little extra ranch. Life is what you make it, folks. Another plus is that if you get in good with the Starbucks workers, you get free coffee. And the gold name tag don't hurt.  

We're listening to a very turned down cover of "My Girl". Let's discuss your obsession with incredibly depressing music. 

Not all good music is happy music! There's so much good stuff that's basically from the pit of people's souls. Some of the best music was created not to ride around in a car screaming at the top of your lungs, but for sitting in the dark and letting yourself feel. I love anything acoustic... But I also like Fetty Wap, so there's that. 



What's the best part about being abroad?

There's a lot. When I lived in Italy for two months I learned Italian in like 3 weeks, which I never thought I could do. It's amazing what you can do under pressure. 

Also (being the poor AF person I've been my whole life) stuff like eating gelato on the spanish steps, paddle boating through Prague, going up in the Eiffel Tower, or swimming off the Amalfi Coast are all things I never thought I'd get to do while ballin' on a budget. 

You've been living in Europe half the year. Let's ask the tough questions. What's the difference between European and American Guys?

No European guys own bucket hats which is a plus. They all look like they spent more than 15 minutes getting ready this morning; and the don't do No Shave November so I'm a pretty big fan. They're all beautiful which makes me nervous. But the weirdest thing is that European men love American accents, which leads me to believe they have hearing problems. I don't even have a cute southern bell accent to hide behind. It's like a garbage New York accent. I sound like I've been on the streets since I was 4. But they're into it. So it's chill. 

Is there anything you miss about the Bend?

I miss my friends a lot. They're so weird, like me. They're my people. I miss food being free. I miss the American dollar. The pound is expensive AF. And football. 

What do you miss about home?

I miss my family in general. I miss my bed. I don't miss having to make it every day. I miss having a Dunkin' Donuts half a mile down the road. But most of all, I miss the deli down the block. And Bagels. Ooooooh! I miss bagels. 

How about your tiny siblings?

While I don't miss getting mistaken for their mother in grocery stores, I probably miss them the most. My brother is so weird now. He's 8 and can have full conversations. just stare at him wondering when and how this happened. It's nice to walk through the door and have someone there whose naive enough to always love and be excited to see you. 

"My family described in one photo"

Do you have a message for all your fans?

Dream big. If you make enough Subway sandwhiches and sling enough BK nuggets, you too can get a gold name tag. JK. Just be a nice person. And you miss 100% of the Smirnoff shots you don't take (once you're of age). In actuality, just smile. If you can't find a nice person, be one.

Thanks Heather!



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Images: Images provided by interviewee