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From a simple text to a big gesture, many things can make someone feel special. Although, it is often the little things that make a person feel most loved. While living our busy lives we sometimes forget to tell others how much we care about them. Let’s change that and start showing people how much they mean to us. Here’s five easy ways to show you care:

Text or Call Them

A simple “I’m thinking of you” or “I love you” can go a long way when someone is struggling. You don’t necessarily need to know all the details of what is going on to reach out. If you’re afraid to reach out because you think you’ll say something wrong, please know that no one will ever be upset by receiving an “I care about you” text. This is guaranteed to make someone smile even when they’re having a hard day. Also, sending a funny video or picture when you know someone needs cheering up can really change their entire day. Just let people know you care, please.


A random spontaneous hug can really show someone how much you care about them. It might seem like a simple gesture, but if you hold that hug a little longer and say “I love you,” the other person will literally feel your love.   

Do Something Nice 

A random act of kindness can put the biggest smile on someone’s face. There’s no feeling quite like having a long, hard day and coming back to your room to find a gift on your bed from one of your friends for no reason. Doing something nice for someone shows them you are thinking about them and care about them. 

Ask to Hangout

If you miss someone, tell them. Plan to get dinner or go to a movie or just hangout. Take that leap and tell that friend you haven’t seen in a while how much you miss them. You might be surprised by how much they’ve missed you too. 

Do Something They Like

Do something your friend likes even though you might not like it. Whether that’s watching their favorite TV shows or going to their choice of restaurant. This shows you care about them and their interests.

Let’s start showing people how much we care about them. The tiniest gesture can go a long way. Tell your friends you love them!  

Riley Wester

Notre Dame '21

Student Athlete at the University of Notre Dame Major: Information Technology Management Minor: Science, Technology & Values
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