How I Got Through Midterms: Her Campus Survival Kit

Thanks to some awesome sponsors for Her Campus, HCND received a back to shcool survival kit from our lovely friends at Her Campus Nationals just in time for midterms! 

Things are going so well for Her Campus Media - everyone wants in on the action! Our kit included items from Chipotle, LUNA, Affinitas, Tanda Zap, Nasty Gal, Aeropostale, European Wax Center, Clue, and Garnier. 

Here's a run down of all the items I have used so far: 

-Chipotle buy one get one burrito card

-Mini chocolate coconut LUNA bars

-Affinitas Cupcake Panty

-Tanda Zap zit zapper

-Clue app

I doubt I have to explain the brilliance of receiving a buy one get one Chipotle coupon to the collegiettes in South Bend. We have such a clutch Chipotle location, I have never heard of anyone passing on a burrito. My roommates (one of whom is HCND writer and editor, Brooke Kovanda) and I used the coupon to have a roomie bonding night. We all have such crazy schedules, we barely get to see each other. Chipotle was the perfect excuse for us to have a date night and catch up in the midst of our hectic midterms week. Thank you, Chipotle! We loved our burrito bowls! 

LUNA bars are wonderful - if you haven't tried them yet, I highly recommend picking some up as a pre- or post-workout snack. LUNA sent bars in my favorite flavor! The chocolate covered coconut mini bars were the perfect study snack for me last week. I had some of the latest nights of my college career during midterms this semester and grabbing a LUNA bar satisfied my hunger and my sweet tooth in a healthy way! Thank God for LUNA bars

Affinitas, an intimates company, has revolutionized the way we look at cupcakes. Their clever packaging wraps up an adorable pair of panties into the shape of a cupcake, allowing the discreet lady to slip these bad boys into her gym bag or purse just in case. The Cupcake Panty is not only super convenient, but it's also super comfy! HCND <3's Affinitas!   

I've never had a zit zapper before and until I discovered the Tanda Zap! The small and portable zapper uses an LED light and sonic vibrations to demolish acne-causing bacteria in pores. The process is simple; three times a day, I press the button and hold the Tanda Zap up to my zit until it automatically shuts off (about two minutes). So far, this product has been working really well for me. It obliterates my most stubborn zits in no time! Be sure to check Tanda out on Facebook. 

Finally, I started using the Clue app this month. It's the besy way for a collegiette to keep track of her cycle. This app is easy to use and let's the user track when her period is coming, as well as all the moods, emotions, and other symptoms she may feel as a result of PMS. I'm pumped to be staying on track with Clue

Thanks to all of our awesome partners! Check out all the Her Campus partners here!  

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