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Her Campus Notre Dame Spring Break Bucket List

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

You’ve officially made it to spring break! Often, the week before break is never-ending. I know I lose track of the days, feel like I am teetering on the edge of disaster and make questionable outfit decisions. No matter how challenging the week is, you always get through it though!

Her Campus Notre Dame couldn’t be more excited for break and would love to share some of our bucket list items for the week with you all.

1. “Get ahead in classes.”

Although break should and can be used to recharge before the final weeks of the semester, dedicating even a few hours each day to work will leave you less stressed when school gets started again.

2. “Have successful internships interviews in New York Citay!!”

For some of us, vacation means dedicating some time to interviews and internship applications. Get excited and be confident in yourself like this Her Campus writer and not only will you be successful, you may even have some fun in the process.

3. “Start on the massive pile of books I haven’t read.”

Reading for pleasure is often put on the backburner during a busy semester at school and vacation is the perfect time to get started on the list of books you’ve been dying to read. If you don’t have any ideas, check some out here.

4. “Sleep as much as possible.”

Do your body a favor and sleep as much as you feel like. Don’t set an alarm and take all the naps you want! Not only do you deserve it, you likely need it too.

5. “Great memories with friends.”

As Pittacus Lore once said, “A place is only as good as the people in it.” Whether you are at home, in South Bend, volunteering, or on a beach somewhere, as long as your with friends, you’ll be sure to make some great memories. 

6. “Get a tan- I haven’t seen the sunlight in months and I’m starting to glow in the dark.”

For all of us escaping the permacloud and hitting the beach, it’s prime time to get a little bit of color.

7. “Break from the group and do something memorable – paddle board yoga, scuba diving, spelunking, sky’s the limit!”

While soaking up the sun and lounging on the beach can be relaxing, try to step outside your comfort zone and do something new! Even if paddle board yoga leaves you doing more swimming than yoga, you’ll have some great stories!

​8. “Get in touch with friends back home.”

While texts and the ocassional phone calls can bridge the gap between you and friends from home while you are miles away from each other, nothing can compare to catching up in person.

9. “Bake delicious food with my grandmother.”

Nothing can compare to spending some quality time with your grandparents and adding food into the equation makes it that much better.You’ll always be grateful for learning special recipes or techniques from your family down the road. If you are feeling generous you can even bring back some treats for your friends! 

10. “Write as much as possible.”

Whether we are writing future articles, journaling, or blogging, vacation is a great opportunity for us to spend some time doing what we are passionate about. The best thing about writing is that it can be done anywhere because all you need to do it is some paper and a pencil. 

What’s on your spring break bucket list? Let us know on Twitter or FacebookPin with us, and show our Instagram some love!

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Abbey Murphy is a senior at Notre Dame from outside of Boston. She's majoring in pre-health studies and sociology and is passionate about all things related to health and wellness. She hopes to share information which will help collegiettes feel their best as they work towards reaching their goals.