HCND Fall Break Bucket List

Curious about what HCND writers were up to over Fall Break? We surveyed our team to find out. Read on to get all the details!

1. "Apply to jobs. Get ahead on work. Meet my baby cousin (see extended family). Play with my dogs. Go to yoga. Get a mani pedi. Go to eye doctor and doctor. Plan my schedule for abroad. Figure out my life. See high school friends. Shop. See sisters."

2. "Read a book that I actually want to read. Go to a comedy/improv show.Go for a run with no route, no watch, and no self-judgment.Try some of the Starbucks hacks from HCND's recent list. Research innovative ways to spend my summer that don't involve building my resume or making money. Organize my inbox. Try cooking something new. Write some actual letters on actual paper with actual pen. Have a solo dance party with the speakers up and inhibitions down. Discover the miracle of sleep."

Quick sidenote: Cara Delevinge (above) is one special woman. If you don't know of her, do yourself a favor and Google her and follow her on Instagram (@caradelevinge).


4."Finish my music theory project. Practice voice and piano music. Visit my best friend at home :) Spend time with my family. Get homework done in advance."

5. "Visit my high school friends at college since they still have school. Fix all my technological issues (computer, phone) now that I have time for an Apple Store appt. Stock up on toiletries for the student government drive since I can go out and buy things. Have a sleepover at my cousin's house. Go to a concert."

6. "Sleep.Go to the mountains to see the fall leaves. Attempt to catch up on the readings I haven't done since the first week of the semester."

7. "Sleep, visit a local apple orchard (apple cider, apples, caramel corn, the works), watch some Netflix, work on my study abroad application."

8. "Visit friends at the local college. Go to my favorite breakfast place."

8. "Thesis, brunch, happy hour, catching up with friends, going to Denver, watching ND beat USC."

9. "Go to Ireland!"

10. "My bucket list for Fall Break, which I'll be in Florida for, consists of: drinking at every country in Epcot in an "Epcot Bar Crawl", get tanner than I did this summer, and keep up with my healthy eating challenge that has been going on for the past week!"

Have a great break, ladies!

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