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Go Cubs Go: Incredible Moments in an Unforgettable Series

After 108 years of waiting for a national victory, the Chicago Cubs finally won it all last Wednesday after bringing home the “W” in the 2016 World Series. Cubs fans have been holding on for a win this big for decades, and as a passionate fan I can personally attest to the utter bliss of the moment in which that final out was made. Over the course of a dramatic and exciting 7-game series, several events transpired that demonstrate just how much Chicagoans love their Cubs. From touching stories of family traditions to hilarious accounts of exuberant celebrations, Cubs fans committed themselves wholeheartedly, and never gave up hope in even the most trying of times. Here are some of the powerful moments that took place in the past week, all in the name of the Cubs.

Twin Babies Named After Streets in Wrigleyville

This set of parents went so far as to name their twins Addison and Clark after the streets that run alongside Wrigley Field in Chicago. The babies were both decked out in Cubs gear and are even dressed in adorable matching Cubs hats.

Couple Has Baby Choose Between Indians and Cubs

One couple posted a video of their baby choosing between a Cubs and an Indians hat, as the two parents were split in their loyalties and were rooting on opposite sides during the series. In this adorable video, this baby makes the wise choice of reaching for the Cubs hat (love to see it).

90-Year-Old Cubs Fan Out-Drinks WGN Anchor

In this comical video, WGN News anchor Pat Tomasulo sat down with 90-year-old Cubs Fan Dorothy Farrell to discuss her experiences as a fan throughout the years and what she loves most about Chicago Cubs baseball. Yet independent of the sports conversation, Farrell most brought her game in the drinking competition that took place over the course of the interview. Farrell held her own as she went shot-for-shot with Tomasulo, selecting Jagermeister as her drink of choice. Farrell’s enthusiasm for and dedication to her team was both touching and inspiring, and speaks to the loyalty of Cubs fans across generations.

Two Brothers Finally Carry Out Their 71-Year Promise to Go to the World Series

This set of brothers were finally able to complete a promise made in 1945, when 11-year-old Frank was told by his older siblings that he was too young to attend Game 5 of the World Series but was assured by his 15-year-old brother Ned that he would take him next time. In 2016 Ned’s son was able to take Frank to a game after 71 long years of waiting. Frank was overjoyed, saying, “Thank you for keeping your father’s promise.” This, after all, is one of the most beautiful parts of Cubs baseball  and major league sports in general – their ability to bring people together and build traditions that span across generations.

No team deserved this win more than the Chicago Cubs, and Chicago could not be more excited to finally be flying the greatest “W” of all. Most importantly – Go Cubs Go!

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