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Football Snapshot: Notre Dame vs. UMass

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Tradition is a vital part of campus life here at the University of Notre Dame, and nothing exemplifies that more than a Fighting Irish football game!  Enjoy some recent snapshots of Notre Dame’s 62-27 win over the University of Massachusetts’ Minutemen this past weekend! 

Irish Fans Pregame Prayers

The Irish Guard Leads the Team on the Field

Here Come the Irish!

Irish Cheerleaders Pump up the Crowd

The Classic (Unsuspecting) Usher Pic

We Were Halftime Hopeful

The Band of the Fighting Irish

Irish Legend Tim McCarthy’s Last (and First) Safety Message 

Waiting for the Wave 

Touchdown Pushups 



Number One on the Field and in Our Hearts 

This Pup is Ready to Take on Clemson! 


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Images: Feature photo courtesy of @ndfbfanpage. All others courtesy of author or listed Irish Instagrammers!


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