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The Five Crystals You Need to Rock This School Year

Did anyone else have a weird love for rocks as a kid? 

I sure did. I remember going outside and collecting the prettiest rocks I could find — I kept them all in a jar that I left in my garage. Now, it seems kind of silly to have been so interested in them. After all, they’re just rocks. 

As it turns out, however, rocks have taken on a new importance in the last decade. According to an article by Healthline, rocks, specifically crystals, have been used in practice to help transfer healing energy to those who hold them. 

Wait, what?

Yes! For centuries, cultures and practices such as Buddhism or Hinduism have held the belief that certain objects that seem otherwise inanimate, like rocks or trees, have spiritual energy that can be transferred to humans. This energy can be healing or fortifying, and even provide emotional or physical benefits. As a result, crystals have been used in meditation, in unconventional medical practices or even just for luck. The recent trend in crystal healing in the 21st century is largely the result of alternative medicine growing in popularity. While there’s no scientific evidence to support that crystal healing is truly effective (other than some suggesting a form of Placebo Effect), some people swear by their abilities, including notable celebrities like Adele, who holds a certain stone during concerts to alleviate her stage fright.

Scientific or not, crystals are beautiful, and they come in so many unique sizes, shapes and colors — all with supposed different meanings and properties! It’s quite fun to find the crystals that are right for you, even if you just have them for decoration on your desk in your dorm room, like me. So, to get you kickstarted on your crystal journey, here are the top five crystals I’d recommend snagging to rock this school year:

Clear Quartz, for Clearer Thinking

Ever hear the phrase “crystal clear”? That’s referring to this handy stone, clear quartz!   Clear quartz is one of the most commonly seen and used crystals, and it’s most notable property is its ability to clear the mind. People often meditate, hold or wear this stone to declutter their thoughts, gain a sharper focus on their goals and increase their memory — perfect for the academic challenges that come with any school year!

Onyx, for Positivity

Up next is this beautifully dark stone, onyx! Onyx is known for its protective energy and its ability to absorb and ward off negativity. This is a great stone for anyone feeling overwhelmed, stressed or frustrated with anything — whether that may be school, relationships or self.

Rose Quartz, for Love

Are you doing long-distance with your significant other? Having issues with your friend group here on campus? Trying to appreciate yourself more? This is the crystal for you! Rose quartz is a lovely crystal, great for enhancing relationships and friendships, but most of all, self-love. It’s useful for restoring trust and harmony as well as promoting deep healing and peace within oneself.

Moonstone, for Growth and Strength

Moonstone is a very pretty crystal most known for supporting “new beginnings” and accepting change. This year is certainly unconventional; change has become a frequent part of our routine as students. This stone promotes good fortune, as well as inner growth and strength. Moonstone would be a great addition to your desk space or wherever you can come in contact with it frequently as you navigate new avenues, career paths or knowledge during these unprecedented times.

Amethyst, for Anxiety

Finally, we have one of the most powerful crystals, amethyst, which is most known for its healing and relaxing properties that address anxiety. The school year can be incredibly overwhelming with exams and assignments piling up, which makes it that much easier to be strangled by our own minds. Amethyst calms the mind and helps identify the cause of stressors or anxiety, while also attracting peace to overcome these unsettling emotions.

These five crystals are a great way to jump into the fun of collecting crystals and learning about their energies. Hopefully they can guide you to the goals and successes you desire, or at the very least make your desk sparkle a bit more than it did before!


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Madison Wagner

Notre Dame '23

Madison is a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame, majoring in Management and minoring in Data Science. She loves graphic design, going on picnics, hearing inspiring things, and reading.
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