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A Fisher Bromance starring Cory Jbara and Chris Johnston

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Meet this week’s Campus Cuties, CJ2, a dynamic duo whose bromance is a symbol of the tight-knit Fisher community. Also know as Chrome and Repeat, Chris Johnston and Cory Jbara are two sophomores who are great friends to everyone around them and especially to each other, hence the bromance. But have no fear ladies, there is room for girls in their lives too.

Chris is the greatest athlete to come out of his high school, who never actually played a sport. Cory is the charming jokester who likes to make up stories when out on the weekends (trust me I have been on the receiving end of this). You can find these two at South dining hall breakfast every day of the week (Chris will be in the omelette line), at the Fisher table during one of South’s special holiday dinners (they stayed at Christmas dinner for four hours so you’re in luck), or in their double with bunked beds in Fisher. Behold this week’s cuties!

The Bottom Bunk:

Name:  Cory Jbara

Major: Computer Science

Where are you from?  Waterford, MI

Family:  Older sis Lauren (student at Michigan, ew),  younger bro Alec in high school, and my Mom & Dad

Why is Fisher the best?  You gotta Regatta. Great community fostered by sh*$ty living conditions and many great parties. It’s always a good time here.

Favorite person on campus?  Mary Howard

Best thing in South Dining hall?  Fajita (pronounced Fuh – gy – tuh) night

Why did you come to Notre Dame?  The community is incredible, and the atmosphere feels like home. “If you’ve been here, no explanation is necessary. If you haven’t, none is adequate.” – Lou Holtz

Thing you miss most about your hometown?  Hanging out with my family

Best late night snack?  Tostitos Bite-Size

What would your walk up song be?  Haunted by Taylor Swift

When did the bromance begin?  We have no idea. But, we played Risk one day and realized we have the same sense of humor. Risk is such a long game, so we really got to know each other that day as we conquered nations together. That’s a metaphor for how we played the board game, but it actually happened.

Bringing full Christmas swag

Ideal date?  Ice-skating. Chicks dig that sh*t. Yeah, I guess Chris can come. But actually, ice-skating is one of the best date options. It is both fun and casual. Me, Chris, and two lovely ladies. One must be shorter than me (I don’t like tall girls). (Dorm parties are also good options for the record. You really get to know a person)

Favorite type of cookie: Oatmeal chocolate chip baked by Joan (Chris’s mom)

Favorite TV show: How I Met Your Mother

Most underrated place on campus:  Fisher Hall

Drake or Josh? Josh

Hannah Montana or Miley?  Miley, she’s on the right side of the hot-crazy scale.

Best quality about Chris? Chris? his sexy charm. Chris knows how to cheer me up if I am down, and has unconditional loyalty. Plus we get all of each other’s jokes

Favorite fashion trend (your own personal or in general): Nice scarves; I wish I could pull them off. Please teach me how to pull them off, Mary

Can you cook/bake? I make a mean burger. I love grilling.

Future plans? Work for Google, then entrepreneurship, and then do great things with my oodles of cash.

What should a girl do when she wants to talk to her crush at a party? She should just go up and talk to him. Guys are just as afraid of approaching girls as they are of guys. Once the conversation gets started, it usually flows naturally. My theory is: “You’re already NOT talking to that girl. If she says no, then it will be as if nothing happened.”

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and where?  I would love to have dinner with Steve Jobs, if he were alive. I want to know why and how he was able to do what he did.

Advice for Notre Dame girls who want your attention:  To get my attention, all you have to do is talk to me. Don’t do random things to get my attention. Just approach me and talk to me. I love talking about everything and getting to know people. Or, maybe the only way to get my attention is to show up in my room unannounced ;).

The Top Bunk:

Name: Christopher Johnston

Major: Business

Where are you from? Worcester, Massachusetts

Family: Older brothers Pete and Dan, Mom & Dad

Why is Fisher the best? You gotta Regatta. Great in dorm community and pride.

Clearly a dream team

Favorite person on campus? Joe Schmidt

Best thing in South Dining hall? Breakfast: Omelette. Dinner: Pasta Stir-fry

Why did you come to Notre Dame? I wanted to experience something new by going to college far away from home and meeting new people. Also, it is a top ranked business school (in case you hadn’t heard).

Thing you miss most about your hometown? My family and the incredibly biased New England sports fans. Also, Cape Cod. I love vacationing there and being near the ocean.

Best late night snack? Tostitos Bite-Size

What would your walk up song be? Beamer Benz or Bentley- Lloyd Banks

When did the bromance begin? He is my best friend. We both have no idea how we met. I knew we would be good friends when I realized that we both had similar interests and personalities. We discovered this during a long game of Risk. He invited me to his house for Easter and that’s when this friendship was cemented, as we became better friends upon our return to campus. I enjoy spending time with him and no matter what we do we always have fun.

Ideal date? Double Date with Cory. We’d go to dinner probably at Chipotle, then get ice cream after. I pay for everything ‘cause that’s what my mom told me girls like. I feign interest in the girl and spend the whole date trying to impress Cory.

Favorite type of cookie: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip baked by my mom

Best type of sport and favorite pro team: Football and the World Champion New England Patriots

Favorite TV show: How I Met Your Mother

Most underrated place on campus: Fisher Hall

Drake or Josh? Josh. He was a loser in the show, but has grown up into a nice young man and pretty good actor. Meanwhile Drake is headlining at Legends, so who’s the loser now?

Hannah Montana or Miley? Are we talking crazy meltdown Miley or young innocent Disney channel Miley? I’ll go with Hannah Montana, just to be safe.

Best quality about Cory? Cory’s ability to make any situation more fun and enjoyable. I have never wasted any time hanging out with Cory. I feel like all time spent with Cory is time well spent.

Favorite fashion trend (your own personal or in general) Cargo shorts. The pockets are perfect for holding all the numbers of the ladies you talk to. Also, they catch a lot hate considering how convenient they are.

Chris in full regatta glory 

Can you cook/bake? Yes. My specialty is breakfast food as it is my favorite and the most important meal of the day (so, ladies you might want to spend the night).

Future plans? Get a job in the sports industry.

What should a girl do when she wants to talk to her crush at a party? As Nike’s Slogan goes, “Just Do It”. Making the first move is a huge attention grabber and immediately sparks an interest. The answer is already no so what’s the worst that could happen? Better to take a chance than live with regret.

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and where? Tom Brady at the 50 yard line of Gilette Stadium. He would have a lot of great stories. He’s my favorite athlete of all time.

Advice for Notre Dame girls who want your attention: Go to the gym, as I spend a lot of time there. Working out is my passion and my favorite way to spend my free time. I find fitness attractive and any girl who takes fitness as seriously as I do immediately has my attention.

Note from Chris: if you need to decide who is better, this interview has been deemed inadequate; the only way to decide who is better is a decathlon of events culminating in a dramatic final decision where you choose between us based on our performance and merits. Chris Harrison will be the host.

Chris and Cory take on candids

As they said themselves, make sure the next time you see these two campus cuties at a dorm party, go chat them up! Shout out to Chris and Cory for letting me interview them this week! They truly are great friends who I have been lucky to get to know this past semester (Chris in two 14 hour car rides across the country and Cory by nature of the bromance).  If you need a conversation starter, just ask them how many days until the regatta :).


Images provided by author and Chris & Cory

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