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EyeBuyDirect: Trendy, Affordable, and Hassle-Free

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Katrina’s Experience with EyeBuyDirect

I’m an indecisive person.

I take hours to pick out the perfect pair of glasses. It’s a decision you’re stuck with at least until you come home from school again with complaints of decreased vision and your mom has to make an appointment with the optometrist you’ve been going to since you were two.

However, when I signed up for EyeBuyDirect.com, I surprisingly found the exact pair of sunglasses I wanted in less than ten minutes.

The selection of eye wear on Eye Buy Direct was just large enough for me to feel feel like I had lots of options, but small enough that I wasn’t stuck choosing between 400 different pairs, trying each one on no less than three times.

Easy to use frame filter function

The prices were just as good. Most glasses are priced $20 to $50 and a most even include free prescription lens (+$29/$49 for bi-focals and progressive lens respectively)!

Since I already have a backup pair of prescription glasses and I lost my favorite pair of Ray Bans somewhere in the Sonora Desert (really…this happened), I figured I’d shop for a new pair of sunglasses.

In a few minutes, I found a pair that looks exactly like my sad lost pair of Ray Bans, but 4x cheaper and just as cute. I chose the Hamptons frame, priced at $49.00.

With the option of add-ons, including a free “Tint,” and $4 “Gradient” effect, I selected a “Mirror/polarized” effect at around $29. My total for a prescription, polarized lens, UV coating, and a free case was only $99 with free shipping on top of that.

I placed my order and within seconds received an update on my eyewear. I got an Order Number and a note that I’d be updated every step of the way. Because of my impatient nature, this part of the site was perfect, otherwise I would be checking back every day to see what the hold up was. This personalization of my eyewear made my EyeBuyDirect experience even better.

Email updates on my order status

Within a week my glasses were shipped and at my door within a few days.

The glasses came with a plastic case and a geometrical design cloth that added an extra special touch.

The glasses were surprisingly a higher quality than I expected. They’re sturdy, lightweight, and look just like they do online.

The polarized lenses saved me during a sunset whale watching trip.

I’ve been wearing these glasses non-stop for the past few weeks (admittedly indoors as well when my normal glasses are out of reach and I need to read the menu at ABP) and can’t wait to show them off just in time for a new school year!

Rebecca’s Experience with EyeBuyDirect

If there’s one hobby in the world that I love most, it would absolutely be reading. I’m a journalist to the outside world, but once I’m in the confines of my own home, the book worm in me takes over.

My reading habits can best be described as that of a high school English teacher. The Great Gatsby, Catcher in the Rye, To Kill a Mockingbird, and Wuthering Heights are among the many classics that I’ve read over and over again during the course of my 21-year life span.

Though I don’t have tons of time these days (thank you very much, ND), I always try to use my spare time to pick up a book and read to my heart’s content.

For a while now, I’ve wanted a pair of reading glasses that I could use while curling up with a classic novel in hand. When I found out about EyeBuyDirect.com, it was the perfect opportunity for me to purchase a pair of quality reading glasses at an affordable price.

When I browsed the website, I fell in love with the Escapee frames in Gray/Floral (only $32) and immediately ordered them. What’s really cool about EyeBuyDirect’s website is that you can see what the frames would look like on you via their “EyeTry”, which allows you to upload a photo of yourself and place the frames over your face. It was so much easier to make a decision once I knew exactly what the frames would look like on me!

As I finished completing the order, I wanted to make sure I was getting the best quality glasses that I could from the site. Once I added my non-prescription, advanced, transition lenses, the total came to $204.95, but with free shipping and 15%-20% off deals, my glasses became much more reasonable.

After EyeBuyDirect let me know of my order status update every time it changed, I finally received my glasses less than a week later! They were a perfect fit and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out.

Now I enjoy reading, but through clearer lenses.

Thanks, EyeBuyDirect! We’ll definitely be back.



For more info on EyeBuyDirect, visit their website!

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