Embracing the Cold

It's that time of year to begin preparing for finals and also for WINTER! Being a Minnesota girl, I’ve learned not to fear the cold, but rather to embrace it.  Here are some ideas to help you learn to love winter:

  1. Indulge in cute and fuzzy socks Smartwool is a great brand to keep your toes warm. They are thick, cozy, and aren’t too fuzzy so they can fit into your winter boots.

  2. Try a cute pompom hat or beanie The bookstore has a great selection of ND hats and headbands, or you may go for a fancy wool or cashmere one to make your own fashion statement.

  3. View the winter as a chance to try outdoor exercising. Feeling sluggish and tired before your morning class? A quick zip across the quad with a 20 mph wind hitting you in the face, and you are ready to learn and get the most out of that ND education. You can also try outdoor sports--one of my favorites is Nordic skiing. Nothing helps boost those endorphins and encourages you to get the blood pumping more than getting a little wind.

  4. If you still need that caffeine boost, get creative with your coffee drinks Starbucks serves up coffees and lattes with all kinds of flavors like mocha and peppermint. Get creative with your own Keurig machine. Order some flavored syrups from Amaazon.com and jazz up your favorite morning beverage. The options are endless!

  5. Plan a movie night Too cold to venture outside? Watch some movies with friends. Plus, if you watch a Christmas movie, that can help you get in the holiday spirit and embrace the last weeks with your friends before winter break.

  6. Appreciate the magic that a good snowfall brings Once the snow begins to fall, bundle up and take a walk outside.  To see the entire campus blanketed in white is truly breathtaking--especially at night. Add in the lights bouncing off the golden dome and the snow truly seems to sparkle. Take the opportunity to appreciate the calming influence of the snow.

  7. If the snow is sticky (the best kind,) get ready for the Notre Dame competitive spirit to shine--in a snowball fight Earlier this year, I experienced my first campus-wide snowball fight; it was one of my greatest memories of my time at Notre Dame so far.

  8. Start planning your spring break vacation The gray days of winter seem a little less bleak when you are counting down the days to some fun in the sun. The cold is only around for a few months of the year, so throw on your parka and dive right in!

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