Drinking Too Much Coffee? Try Dandelion Root Coffee Instead.

When friends suggest that I cut back on coffee or ask if I want to join them on their quest to give up coffee, my response looks a little bit like this:

I’m never one to turn down a cup a coffee and probably will never give it up, but despite its yummy taste and the jolt of energy it can give you, coffee has its drawbacks. While there are benefits to drinking coffee, if you drink more than 2-4 cups a day, you should really think about cutting back. Luckily, as people look to cut down on their coffee consumption, alternatives are becoming more popular. One lesser known alternative is dandelion root coffee

Why cut back on coffee?

Registered dietitian, Rene Ficek, explained that some of the negative side effects of coffee can include irritability, anxiety, sleeplessness, increased heart rate and muscle tremors. Some need to avoid caffeine because of blood pressure, heart issues or medication. Adding artificial sugars and ingredients can make your coffee habit unhealthy. If you aren't convinced that you need to decrease your coffee consumption, check out this article by Kris Carr.

What can you drink instead?

When people think of alternatives to coffee they typically think of tea. While I love tea, it does not taste anything like my beloved coffee. If you love the taste of coffee, but need to cut back or take it out of your diet altogether, dandelion “ coffee”  is a great alternative. Dandelion root tea with the addition of chicory creates a drink that tastes similar to coffee. Drinking a dandelion root blend has many benefits. Demetria Clark, herbalist,  director of Heart of Herbs Herbal School and author of best selling books "Herbal Healing for Children" and “475 Herbal and Aromatherapy Recipes” explained that dandelion is a digestive herb and can be very beneficial for the digestive system. It also contains contains calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamins B and C.

Clark also warned those who are allergic to chrysanthemums, marigold, chamomile, yarrow, daisies, ragweed or iodine to avoid dandelion. If you would like to try dandelion tea be sure to speak with your doctor to ensure that it will not interact with any medications you may be taking.

How can you make dandelion root coffee? It's simple and easy! Clark suggests using the below recipe to make your own dandelion coffee:


2 teaspoons dandelion root, dried.

2 teaspoons chicory root.                

Add to 16 oz. boiling water and boil for one minute.

Steep for 20 minutes. Prepare as you would coffee.

Optional: add a pinch of cinnamon, nutmeg, or vanilla.


If you don’t want to make the tea yourself, check out Teecino, a company that sells coffee alternatives has many blends that contain dandelion root. Another popular blend is Dandy Blend.

The summer is a great time to try to wean yourself off of coffee or caffeine in general, so give dandelion root coffee a shot (or a cup)!


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